Case study

CIBC uses rewarded ads to enhance value and reward clients when using credit cards

Girl smiling and holding mobile and a credit card

CIBC is a North American financial institution committed to creating enduring value for their clients, team and communities as they activate their resources to build a more secure, equitable and sustainable future.

Helping drive cardholder engagement with “Deal Days”

CIBC is always looking for ways to offer more value to their customers when they use their CIBC credit cards. They believe that incentives and rewards create unique value and can help strengthen the relationship between the bank and their customers.

In 2021, CIBC participated in “Deal Days” and handpicked products from the Amazon store to offer at a discount when customers paid using their CIBC credit cards.

For 2022, CIBC wanted to drive scale and improve the customer experience, so they sought an opportunity to create greater awareness for their cardholders to take advantage of special offers they were providing. This is when CIBC turned to rewarded ads with Amazon Ads to add more surprise and delight to their customers’ experiences in the Amazon store.

Using rewards to encourage customer action

Launched in Canada by Amazon Ads in 2022, rewarded ads in the Amazon store gives brands a unique way to reach and engage their audiences. Rewarded ads incentivise customers by offering an extra benefit, such as a shopping credit or discount. These rewards are provided in return for taking a specific action, such as watching a video or scanning a QR code.

In spring 2022, CIBC wanted to use rewarded ads to create a special offer for cardholders. They did so by providing an incentive for cardholders to use a CIBC credit card to make a purchase from the Amazon store in Canada. Customers who spent $150 or more on eligible products in the Amazon store using their CIBC credit card during the campaign received a $20 credit, which was automatically applied to their purchase.

CIBC featured the offer using on-Amazon ads through Amazon DSP and Fire TV inline banners, generating awareness among their customers on Amazon. CIBC also used email and owned digital channels to communicate with their cardholders about the promotion.

An enthusiastic customer response

Adding a reward to their Amazon Ads media helped make CIBC’s special offer even more successful. The campaign helped drive 6.6X more purchases than the brand’s previous Deal Days promotion.1 In fact, participating customers on average decided to spend more than the minimum amount that was required for the offered promotion.

“We know our customers value rewards and incentives as a part of being a CIBC credit card owner,” said Nirmela Malkic, Sr. Manager Client Engagement and Retention at CIBC. “Often the challenge is creating awareness and making it easy for customers to use the offer, specifically at the point of purchase to drive instant gratification. Rewarded ads made the experience seamless to promote and reward, which we believe is a key part of these incredible results.”

“We were very happy with the results CIBC was able to achieve in their campaign,” said Nick McLachlan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for the rewarded ads offering through Amazon Ads. “Aligning rewards with their broader campaign efforts helped make it even more relevant for their customers, while their usage of paid and owned channels ensured that they were able to create the awareness to help customers take timely action.”

1 Advertiser-provided data, CA, 2022