On-Amazon campaign drives sales for Brita®

Brita, a leading manufacturer of water filtration systems, worked with Amazon Advertising to drive awareness and sales of their Brita pitchers with a cross-screen campaign on Amazon and Amazon mobile. Brita recognised that their Amazon Advertising campaign would help drive consideration and sales on Amazon, but they were also interested in learning what effect the campaign would have on offline sales in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Through a mix of standard Amazon Advertising post-campaign measurements and Amazon Advertising’s partnership with Nielsen HomeScan, Brita was able to better understand the effect of their campaign on key success metrics, both on- and offline.

The Amazon media solution

Brita and Amazon Advertising crafted a campaign, spanning onsite and mobile, that aimed at reaching Brita Pitcher’s most likely consumers. By messaging Amazon customers who were in the market for green home and garden products, kitchen utensils and gadgets (among others), Brita was able to pinpoint the shoppers who were most likely to take action after exposure to their ads. With carefully targeted ads served across screens, Brita maximised exposure among groups that mattered most while minimising wasted impressions.

Mobile success metric

  • eCPCS for mobile placements were extremely efficient for this campaign – 66% less than eCPCS benchmarks for Home and Kitchen products on Amazon.

Offline success metric

  • Brita also realised a significant lift in offline sales as a result of their Amazon campaign.

Clorox is a global company with leading brands that have become household names: their namesake bleach and cleaning products; GreenWorks® naturally derived cleaning products; Ayudín® and Poett® home care products; Pine-Sol® dilutable cleaner; Fresh Step® cat litter; Kingsford® charcoal; Hidden Valley® and K C Masterpiece® dressings and sauces; Brita® water filtration products; Glad® bags, wraps and containers; and Burt’s Bees® natural personal care products. Clorox manufactures products in more than two dozen countries and market them in more than 100 countries. Clorox trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CLX.

Source: Amazon internal data


On-Amazon success metrics:

  • On average, users who were exposed to Brita ads were 4.4 times more likely to consider Brita Grand Pitchers versus those who were not exposed.
  • On average, users who were exposed to Brita ads were 4.8 times more likely to purchase Brita Grand Pitchers versus those who were not exposed.
  • Campaign cost-per-consideration (eCPCS) was 30% lower than category benchmarks.