Bizon improves efficiency through the manager account tool

Launched in 2017, Bizon is a European agency dedicated to brand performance on Amazon by providing solutions for advertising, account management, reporting and analytics.

As Bizon grew and took on more clients, its account team had to manually pull reports from all supported advertisers and upload them to the agency’s central management system, a process that took around six hours per month for each account manager. To better serve clients, the agency sought a solution to manage multiple accounts, understand advertiser analytics and drive operational efficiencies by alleviating the burden of manual updates and reporting.

Introducing a business solution

In June 2020, Bizon’s account team started using Amazon Ads’ manager account tool, which allows sellers, vendors, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) authors, advertisers with Amazon DSP accounts and agencies to link multiple advertising accounts. The tool enables management of user permissions and account access, offers a billing summary and provides account-level alerts, insights and performance metrics in a single dashboard. Through manager account, agencies can access a consolidated view of brand performance for sponsored ads and Amazon DSP metrics, such as total aggregate spend and return on advertising spend (ROAS). For agencies that operate in multiple locations, the tool can link country-specific accounts into a single regional manager account.

Saving time and supporting advertising strategy

The manager account tool provides Bizon with easy access to insights that help inform Amazon Ads campaign strategies and optimisations. It also enables the agency to better analyse campaign performance and quickly identify accounts that require attention. For example, Bizon can now immediately spot accounts with billing problems, avoiding suspension of any advertising activities. The tool is also especially helpful to the agency during peak periods – such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and festive periods – when trends evolve quickly and response time is critical to advertising campaigns.

Because Bizon supports advertisers across Europe, the agency also leverages a regional manager account, pulling multiple country-specific accounts in a single dashboard. This allows the agency to easily view overall regional performance and help prioritise advertising activities.

Since adopting the manager account tool, Bizon has found that the tool saves its account managers an estimated 20 minutes per day on detailed analysis, helping improve overall efficiency.

quoteUpManager account is essential when working with advertisers with more than two accounts. It allows you to be more efficient in your day-to-day job – a no-brainer.quoteDown
– Nicolas Habert, Chief Operating Officer, Bizon