AJ Dezines case study

AJ Dezines uses Sponsored Products to double their sales on Amazon.in.

AJ Dezines, a seller on Amazon.in, offers a wide range of children’s clothing with a focus on ethnic wear. In a crowded marketplace with several sellers to compete with, the company recognised that it needed a cost-effective way to showcase its products and make them more visible to shoppers and hence adopted Amazon Sponsored Products. After starting off by advertising 50 products, today AJ Dezines runs a Sponsored Products campaign for nearly every product in its portfolio.

Get in touch with the right shoppers in two minutes

AJ Dezines began by using the feature of Sponsored Products called automatic targeting, which proved to be effective and very easy to set up. Through this feature, Amazon automatically displays the ads to relevant shopper searches so that the product is made visible to high-intent shoppers who are looking for specific or related products.

Boost ranking and ROI

When AJ Dezines decided to expand its portfolio on the online marketplace, they utilised Sponsored Products to help launch new products that would help scale up the business. This decision to expand the product portfolio on Amazon.in was based on the potential of the marketplace, and the results of using Sponsored Products led to incremental sales of over 2x and an ROI (return on investment) of 19X (1900%).

“Being a businessman, sales is an extremely important parameter of success, and Sponsored Products has helped us exceed our business goals with flying colours”, says Mr Jain.

Quick and measurable results

Another important aspect of any advertising product is to be able to check the performance of your campaign and make changes to it at any point in time. Sponsored Products provides in-depth reporting that captures the number of ad views, clicks, sales, spend and the ACOS (advertising cost of sales).

“We also owe the success of our campaigns to the fact that we have access to the Campaign Manager dashboard, where we can check campaign performance, make changes to the keywords selected, increase or decrease our bids, and optimise our campaigns at any time. This sort of flexibility and control is something that we have only experienced on Amazon”, says Mr Jain.


With Sponsored Products, AJ Dezines noticed phenomenal results.

  • 19X ROI (return on investment)
  • Incremental sales of over 2X
  • New ad creation less than two minutes

What they said

“Setting up a Sponsored Products campaign is straightforward and easy. I set up campaigns myself in just a few minutes without any special expertise, and the results have been extremely satisfactory.”

Abhishek Jain, Proprietor, AJ Dezines