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Huion builds an international home for its brand on Amazon using Stores

A man working on a Huion Tablet

Established in 2011, Huion designs, manufactures and sells a range of digital devices like drawing tablets, pen displays, LED pads and accessories. The brand’s products are created for animators, filmmakers, and art enthusiasts across the United States, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. Once an OEM/ODM (original equipment manufacturing and original design manufacturing) provider in Shenzhen, Huion has transformed in the past decade to a leading international tech brand, with numerous patents and independent research and development laboratories.

Since deciding to advertise on Amazon in 2017, Huion has launched their own Store and developed an omnichannel marketing plan centred around this branded shopping destination. To help enhance their audiences’ shopping experiences, Huion also adopted Posts, Sponsored Brands and Amazon Attribution into their overall marketing strategy. These ad solutions and tools helped Huion effectively reach more shoppers wherever they spend their time and have significantly increased the brand’s global awareness, as well as their customer loyalty.

On 12 March 2022, Huion celebrated their 11th anniversary. Xu Hefeng, CEO of Huion, said, “We always wanted to build a real international brand. In terms of standardisation and maturity, Amazon Ads’ solutions have been a great way for us to achieve that.”

How Stores helped Huion increase their global brand visibility

Today, Huion advertises all of their products on their Store, using it as core online destination for interested shoppers. Coupling this with Posts, Sponsored Brands, and Amazon Attribution, the brand uses multiple Amazon Ads solutions to achieve their key business goals, increasing brand visibility and growing customer loyalty. Here are the brand’s top three tips to help attain impactful results with Stores:

1. Optimise your Store with best practices

“The Store Builder is very easy to use, without any redundant pop-up windows,” says Suki Liang, Huion’s US Site Team Leader.

When building new pages in the Huion Store, Liang uses three initial templates (Marquee, Highlight, and Product Grid) and uses various Store best practices, such as using a video for Huion’s brand campaign, “The world is in your hands”.

Huion uses the best-selling products widget to highlight popular products, and adds the shoppable image widget to help shoppers uncover as much information as possible about Huion’s products before they move to purchase. Adding these Store widgets helps guide visitors to what they’re looking for, and ensures a smooth shopping journey.

Other best practices include adding at least three pages, adding a gallery tile, or creating a Sponsored Brands campaign linking to its Store.

2. Use your Store as a campaign destination landing page

By linking Sponsored Brands campaigns straight to their Store, Huion had 237K Store page views and observed $170K in attributed sales for its pen tablets in May 2022. Huion’s Kamvas Pro 16 graphics drawing tablet has ranked among the top 10 in sales in their product category.1 Huion also uses Store Spotlight and combined custom images in their Sponsored Brand campaign.

On average, advertisers who used a combination of Sponsored Brands video, Store spotlight, and custom image ad formats saw a 5.5% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) compared to advertisers only using one Sponsored Brands ad format.2

3. Elevate your Store with effective content

“At the beginning, we basically relied on word-of-mouth marketing, but in today’s market, additional advertising really helps to build a brand,” says Euphemia Li, Director of Overseas Business for Huion. “We helped strengthen our online presence using Amazon Ads, and continue to consistently optimise our Store to ensure we keep driving online traffic to our products.”

Li also recognises the importance of user-generated content: “Beyond Amazon, we usually partner with industry influencers and post their testimonial videos on social media.” To gauge the impact of this strategy on the brand’s Store, Huion uses key insights from Amazon Attribution to measure how this type of marketing is helping drive impact for brand awareness and sales on Amazon.

The results of Huion’s Store optimisations

Based on Huion’s Store insights in May 2022, total Store-attributed sales reached $1.5M in the US, of which Sponsored Brands ads accounted for 13%. Now, Huion-branded products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and the number of users has exceeded 10 million.3

quoteUpWe have seen how Stores can effectively guide our customers from interest to purchase when browsing our products. Repeat visitors to our Store brings more repeat purchases and brand loyalty, helping us form relationships with our customers, and encouraging more shoppers to connect with our brand.quoteDown
– Elli Li, Manager of Huion Overseas Sales Department

1Advertiser-provided data, US, May 2022
2Amazon internal data, worldwide advertisers, 1 January – 22 May 2021
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