What’s new with sponsored ads and Stores: August 2020

14 September 2020

By Nick Barton
Product Marketing Programme Manager

We’ve introduced new features in the advertising console to help you engage customers and manage your campaigns more easily. Here’s a round-up of updates that we’ve rolled out in August 2020.

Sponsored Display product targeting international availability

Sponsored Display product targeting is now available for vendors and sellers in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. It was previously only available in the US and Canada. With product targeting, you can promote product discovery with ads that reach shoppers who are actively browsing for similar or complementary products and categories on Amazon. You can also access more campaign controls and reporting metrics to make your performance advertising strategy work more efficiently. Product-targeted ads may appear alongside product detail pages, customer reviews, shopping results pages or under the featured offer.

To learn more, read about it on our blog.

Negative product targeting for Sponsored Products

Advertisers can now add negative product targeting to Sponsored Products automatic targeting campaigns. You can use the search term report to find products to negatively target based on performance. Adding negative products may help increase the effectiveness of your campaign by preventing your ads from appearing on product pages driving inefficient performance.

Learn more on our Support Centre.

ROAS metric in Campaign Manager

The return on ad spend (ROAS) metric, previously available in downloadable reports, is now viewable in campaign manager in the advertising console. ROAS, the revenue you receive from your advertising investment, is calculated by dividing ad-attributed sales by ad spend. It’s the inverse of advertising cost of sales (ACOS), and can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a specific sponsored ads campaign, ad group, advertised product or targeting strategy, to help you understand where to best allocate advertising budget. It is available for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display.

Visit our Support Centre to learn more.

Inspecting and managing brand-to-product mapping

Sellers with access to the advertising console can inspect and manage their brand-to-product mappings and request changes to remove misclassified products from their brand. Misclassified products are products that you do not sell but are mapped to your brand. To view and edit the brand-to-product relationships, go to the Brands menu from Access and settings.

Any changes made to these relationships affects all the ad campaigns that you are currently running and any future campaigns. After corrected product-to-brand associations have been approved, attribution reporting i.e. total purchase metrics, for Display, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display campaigns will be affected. As a result, you might see a change in advertising-attributed sales trends, but your billing will be not affected.

This update helps you measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns across all ad programmes.

For more information, please visit the Support Centre.

Sponsored Products for KDP authors in Australia and Canada

KDP authors can now use Sponsored Products ads to reach readers in Australia and Canada.
To help increase your visibility on Amazon and grow your audience internationally, select the title that you’d like to promote from your KDP bookshelf. Then, select the marketplace and sign in using your existing credentials to promote your books to more readers in more places.