What’s new with Amazon DSP

20 October 2020

By Kelly Kupers
Product Marketing Programme Manager

We have introduced several new features in the Amazon DSP to help you engage customers and more easily manage your campaigns. Here is what we rolled out in September 2020.


Amazon DSP API now generally available

The Amazon DSP API reporting functionality is now generally available. Advertisers, agencies and tool providers can leverage the Amazon Advertising API to retrieve reports for their Amazon DSP campaigns worldwide. Users can generate campaign, audience and inventory reports, similar to custom reports in the DSP console. This API functionality makes it easier for advertisers to retrieve reports and view campaign performance through the tools they use to manage other marketing channels. This functionality is available to customers who have self-service access to Amazon DSP. Reference documentation for fetching reports for DSP campaigns can be found on the Amazon Advertising API developer portal.


Bulk editing of targeted device type

You can now update the targeted device type for standard display and video line items in bulk. Select the standard display and video line items that you wish to update and click the Targeting button. Next, select the device type for each of the line item types. The changes only apply to selected standard display and video line items. This feature is available in US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, IN, MX, UAE and CA.

Bulk edit of supply bids and total budget

You can now increase or decrease the supply bids (base and max) and total budget across multiple line items in a single action. Select the line items you wish to adjust, click on Supply bid or Budgets, and increase or decrease the line items by a specific percentage or amount. Changes apply across all the selected line items. This feature is available in all locales where Amazon DSP has been launched.

Saving filters and preferred settings

You can now save common filters with one click and also save preferred settings, which allows you to easily search and manage orders or line items. The filter enhancement is available in all locales where Amazon DSP has been launched.

New contact form for Amazon DSP users

A new form, Contact us, is now available from the Contact us link in the footer navigation of any page when you are logged in to the Amazon DSP console.

It auto-populates the entity name and email address that you used to log in to the Amazon DSP. Additionally, it allows you to associate one or many advertisers with the request and details what information our support team needs to address your request. The form also enables you to copy additional recipients to correspondence.


The in-line messaging (ILM) placement is now available for advertisers running e-commerce creatives

A new ad placement is available for e-commerce creatives inclusive of dynamic e-commerce ads (DEA) and responsive e-commerce creatives (REC) through the Amazon DSP that is available on standard display and Amazon mobile display line items. Detail page in-line messaging (ILM) features an above-the-fold placement located at the top of the product detail page. It enables brands selling on Amazon to present contextually relevant ads. The ILM placement accepts e-commerce creatives with brand logos of sizes 980x55 (desktop) and 320x50 (mobile). ILM placement is available in US, CA, MX, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES and JP.


Advertiser merchant code mapping now available

A new setting, Merchant token, is now available under Advertiser settings in the left-hand navigation of the Campaign Manager. It allows you to associate your merchant token from Seller Central with the Amazon DSP account. Association of your merchant token ensures that product sales are only attributed once across Amazon DSP and sponsored ads.


Prime Video signals in audience builder

Using audience builder, you can now build audiences based on the Prime Video content in addition to previously available retail signals, such as product views, purchases and keyword searches. This feature helps drive brand engagement from audiences streaming different films or TV series related to your brand’s offerings. You can build audiences based on Prime Video viewing signals in all locales where audience builder is available.


Deal dimensions are now available in reporting

Deal dimensions are now available in custom downloadable reports in the Amazon DSP report centre for US, CA, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT and JP. In this release, downloadable reports can be broken down by deal (deal name, deal ID and deal type), and you can see data such as impressions, supply cost and viewability rate.


Fire TV Sponsored Screensaver bidding available in US for non-guaranteed placement

Fire TV now offers bid pricing on CPM, for non-guaranteed delivery in Sponsored Screensaver for managed advertisers in the US. These ads will run in rotation, and advertisers can reach relevant audience segments and apply frequency caps. Only entertainment/app advertisers with content available for consumption on device or theatrical advertisers are eligible to use Fire TV Sponsored Screensaver bidding.

Supply quality

You can now use video completion targeting for your video campaigns across Amazon owned-and-operated and third-party supply sources. Amazon Advertising’s video completion targeting is based on machine-learning model predictions and allows you to select a decile-level video completion rate tier. Higher completion tiers may limit overall reach/scale. Additionally, you can also edit video completion targeting across multiple ad lines using the bulk edit feature. Video completion targeting is available in all the locales where Amazon DSP is available.