What’s new with Amazon DSP

28 April 2020 | By Kelly Kupers, Product Marketing Programme Manager

We have introduced several new features in the Amazon DSP to help you engage customers and more easily manage your campaigns. Here’s a round-up of updates we’ve rolled out in April 2020.


Deal metrics in the Deals page

You can now view all your available private marketplace (PMP) deals and their bid metrics such as bid request, response counts and bid rate for a specific date range in the deals page. To do this, select deals from the left-hand menu in campaign manager and select the desired date range from the calendar drop-down. A health indicator is also now available in the first column for each deal, showing an alert if the deal is active but is not receiving bid requests from supply-side platforms (SSPs). This allows you to diagnose the health of your deals and determine whether it is set up correctly at the SSP or publisher level. Deal metrics are available in all locales where the Amazon DSP is available.

Campaign Manager


New in-market audiences

Amazon Ads introduced new in-market audiences globally. This release doubles the in-market audience catalogue, expanding the in-market audiences available across all locales. In-market audiences can help drive consideration of your brand by engaging audiences that have recently considered products in a given category. You can visit the line item page to explore available audiences. New in-market audiences are available in all locales where the Amazon DSP is available.