ADFERENCE’s tips for how brands can increase ASIN support with the help of Sponsored Products

5 October 2022 | By Gabriella Kursman, Marketing Manager

“Advertising across all or most ASINs on Sponsored Products can really pay off for selling partners,” says Dr. Florian Nottorf, co-founder and co-CEO of ADFERENCE.

Before co-founding ADFERENCE in 2014, Nottorf researched statistical modelling in connection with consumer journey analysis and cross-channel attribution. Amazon Ads sat down with Nottorf to discuss the benefits of advertising more ASINs through Sponsored Products and best practices for campaign setup.

Dr. Florian Nottorf, co-founder and co-CEO of ADFERENCE

Dr. Florian Nottorf, co-founder and co-CEO of ADFERENCE

Can you share how ADFERENCE helps vendors with large ASIN assortments drive successful outcomes through Sponsored Products?

To maximise profitability for vendors and sellers of all sizes, it’s important to not just push top keywords and products but to also advertise other long-tail products within a vendor’s catalogue on Sponsored Products. This can have several advantages. First, it can be very valuable in helping optimise for impressions and increased visibility in Amazon’s store. Advertisers can also ensure they’re creating well-built product detail pages and showing customers alternative and complementary products. We at ADFERENCE can support advertisers, as our software can help find the right keywords, bids and placements for all of our clients’ products.

How do you recommend ASIN-level strategies to vendors? What are some considerations your team keeps in mind when implementing ASIN-level Sponsored Products strategies?

We believe in individual optimization strategies based on different stages of the product life cycle. During the launch phase, vendors should try maximising their traffic or sales with a fixed budget. Afterward, they should automatically switch to the profitability phase and optimise to a lower advertising cost of sales (ACOS), with or without setting a fixed budget. This requires a detailed setup with single-ASIN campaigns. Adding only one ASIN in each ad group or campaign can result in isolating and targeting each individual ASIN and thereby precisely controlling and optimising the performance of each individual product. In our tool, those single-ASIN campaigns can be aggregated into portfolios again, allowing vendors easy handling.

Can you share any trends you’ve observed across your Amazon vendors who advertise a majority of their ASINs on Sponsored Products?

In our customer accounts, we have seen the importance and impact of advertising across most or all ASINs. Of course, it is an advanced strategy that can be time-consuming. But in the end, it can pay off, especially when long-tail keywords and niche ASINs are showing strong ACOS results and profitability. However, vendors should not always expect tons of traffic coming from the low-bid, longer-tail campaigns. These campaigns are meant to capture incremental traffic, which can sum to create additional conversions.

What’s your recommendation for an Amazon vendor who wants to run Sponsored Products across their entire ASIN assortment?

Each product has its own visibility in the Amazon store. With the help of advertising, vendors can benefit from additional visibility across all products. And something else to keep in mind: Not every product needs and should receive the same amount of investment in advertising. With the help of smart advertising on all products, vendors can help increase their overall profit for each product.

ADFERENCE is a bid management tool that allows advertisers to create campaigns automatically, set optimal bids for new and existing campaigns, and find keywords and product targets. They help sellers of all sizes, vendors and agencies with science-based algorithms to help manage their cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns.

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