Advertising tips: filtering

3 OCTOBER 2016

Use filtering to navigate campaigns quickly

Did you know that by typing “running” in the search bar above the Advertising Campaigns dashboard in the advertising console (formerly Amazon Marketing Services) you can look at just the campaigns that are currently running?

The search tool can help you navigate and locate campaigns quickly, proving to be a powerful day-to-day tool for campaign management. For example, by simply searching for “Running” you can filter your dashboard to just see campaigns that are currently running. You can also filter for other views by typing in certain search words. For example, if you type in “Sponsored Products” you will see all your Sponsored Products campaigns.

Try using other search terms, such as a specific start or end date (“26/07/2016”), a certain campaign name (“Sponsored Brands Test B”) or an alternative campaign status (“Paused”). You can also try combinations of attributes, such as “Sponsored Brands Running” or “Sponsored Products Paused”. Whether you have a few campaigns or a hundred, these search tools can help you find what you are looking for quickly or isolate campaigns for certain views.

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