Sponsored ads and Stores launch in the Netherlands

7 January 2021

Sponsored ads can help support your business goals, whether you’re interested in scaling a new product launch, increasing visibility for deals or introducing your brand to new customers. Now, in the Netherlands, eligible sellers and vendors can begin leveraging Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Stores on Amazon.nl. This suite of self-service solutions can help you increase product visibility, grow sales and reach a larger audience.

Gain visibility with Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products is a great place to begin when you first start advertising. Sponsored Products helps boost visibility and sales of your individual products. Ads can appear in shopping results and on product pages, as shoppers are looking for products like yours on Amazon.nl.

Increase brand awareness with Sponsored Brands

If your goal is to increase your brand presence in the Netherlands, Sponsored Brands can help generate awareness and consideration with customisable ads featuring your brand and multiple products. In addition to placements on shopping results and product detail pages, Sponsored Brands gives you the ability to advertise on prominent top-of-search results placements. When shoppers click on your ad, they are taken to a custom landing page or a Store.

Enhance the shopping experience with Stores

You can also elevate your visibility and enhance customers’ shopping experience through Stores. Stores are self-service branded destinations on Amazon that you can create at no cost, which can inspire, educate and help customers discover your brand and product selection.

Extend your reach by advertising globally

If you are a seller who has advertised before and you want to extend your reach outside of your home country, you can easily do this by first setting up a listing on Amazon.nl, and then creating a Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands campaign in the Netherlands. With an Amazon EU seller account, you will automatically be able to sell and advertise in Netherlands, as well as through the rest of Europe. For more information, log in to the Seller Central home page, hover over the “Inventory” tab and click “Sell Globally”, to view your sell globally dashboard.

To begin advertising in the Netherlands, register for an advertising account.