The shopping habits of Connected Consumers

28 December 2021 | By: Rebecca Fontana, Senior Editorial Manager

More and more customers are Connected Consumers, users who use a smart TV, smart speaker, smart display or streaming device at least once per month. Audiences are interacting with brands online for streaming, shopping and browsing. So, we conducted a survey with Ipsos on the behaviours of Americans ages 18 to 64 to find out how brands can better serve these customers. We received insights on the study from Maggie Zhang, Head of Measurement Success at Amazon Ads. She shared that Connected Consumers reported streaming video or TV content at least once a month, and Amazon Connected Video Customers are defined as users who said they use Amazon’s ad-supported streaming video services for their streaming at least once a month.1

Who are Connected Consumers?

6 out of 10 Connected Consumers and 7 out of 10 of Amazon Connected Video Customers are between the ages of 18 and 44.2 “Many of them report they are planning to travel, start new jobs, move, and buy a home,” Zhang said. That’s a broad spectrum of opportunity for advertisers, encompassing travel, home goods, office supplies and other industries. These customers are likely to care about the latest technology, and they’re interested in exploring the world and new opportunities. Additionally, 15% of those surveyed are planning to start a business in the next year, so introductory business strategies and assistance from Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands could be very useful to these new business owners.

The shopping habits of Connected Consumers

Unsurprisingly, Connected Consumers favour shopping online. Of the surveyed Amazon Connected Video Customers, 60% bought something on Amazon in the past week.3 For brands wishing to reach these online shoppers, brands can connect with in-market Amazon audiences by using Sponsored Display.

Additionally, Connected Consumers frequently stream their shows and videos. Two-thirds of customers in the survey said they prefer streaming to traditional TV, and 64% of Connected Consumers said they stream more now than they used to.4 That leads to opportunities for brands who are crafting ads for streaming services: 42% of Connected Consumers said that streaming ads are more relevant than linear TV ads.5

How brands can engage with Connected Consumers

What should brands do to reach Connected Consumers? “Today’s audiences are streaming TV, so you should be there too,” Zhang said. Brands could consider crafting relevant ads to feature during streamed media, since 38% of respondents are more likely to be impacted by advertising that’s connected to the shows they’re watching.6 Also, Connected Consumers paid even more attention to streaming video ads than they did to social media ads, according to the survey.

There are several new formats of digital advertising that brands should consider for reaching Connected Consumers. Interactive advertising, like voice or remote control purchasing, can help engage with this audience. Also, ads with features like star ratings can increase interaction, as well.

Brands should consider the needs and behaviours of Connected Consumers, especially when streaming content. There’s the opportunity to reach an engaged audience with relevant ads, which could lead to a boost in sales and increased video views. “Consumers have never been more connected than they are today,” Zhang said. “They’re ready to learn, engage, and discover your brand.”

1-6 Amazon Connected Consumers Ipsos study, July 2021