Publicis on how brands can move from transaction to relationships with customers

14 November 2022 | By Jareen Imam, Sr. Editorial and Content Manager

This blog post is a part of our coverage for the annual Amazon Ads conference unBoxed. At the 2022 conference, advertising leaders gathered to see our latest products and to discuss ways brands are inventing on behalf of their customers.

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Developing stronger relationships with customers is top of mind for many brands both big and small. And as audience fragmentation grows, brands are using different marketing strategies not just to help reach audiences, but also to grow and nurture those customer relationships.

At unBoxed 2022, the annual Amazon Ads conference, held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City from 25 to 27 October through, we sat down with Amy Lanzi, chief operating officer at Publicis Commerce. During the conversation, she shared how brands can continue to grow and thrive in the midst of change in the ad industry and during times of economy uncertainty, while also staying focused on connecting with their customers.

How have brands changed the ways they interact with consumers online?

As an industry, we’re seeing brands moving from transaction to relationship with their customers. Marketers today want customers to click and buy and come back to be an advocate for their brand. They want to get to know their customers, learn how to retain them, learn more about them and keep them happy. This is where tech stack and a first-party insight strategy are really important. Building this brand loyalty and connection is how brands will grow over time.

What’s the biggest challenge to brand growth today?

Consumers are much harder to reach nowadays. They are spending a lot of time on social media and in different ways. Brands today need to figure out how to engage with audiences in the places they find are important.

How can brands better reach audiences?

A smart media strategy can help make connections. Aligning to the right digital channels and influencers can also help ensure your message is resonating with the relevant groups. Also, there’s power in social proof – social reviews and recommendations are important to inspiring and driving purchase. If that content is shared with relevant groups or creators, there is a better chance your messaging will be seen and resonate with its intended audiences.

What’s your advice for brands jumping into the digital marketing space right now?

New and emerging Web3 spaces are important places for brands because that’s where digital connections are being made. Brands need to think about how they’re showing up in a privacy-compliant and brand-safe way.

Any advice for how brands can continue to grow and serve their customers during times of economic uncertainty?

Loyalty continues to be very important. If customers cannot find a product right away, they’ll buy something else. Agencies should have the right mix of products and services to solve for clients’ problems in a complex marketing world.

What excites you about the future of advertising?

There is nothing better than building meaningful experiences that make customers’ lives better. Stories matter. Playing a role in those stories is what it’s all about. It’s not about the next click but meaningful connections.