How Thursday Night Football audiences on Prime Video and Twitch compare to linear NFL viewers

10 May 2022

For the first time in history, the number one weeknight primetime broadcast, Thursday Night Football, is moving exclusively to a streaming service, with Prime Video and the NFL signing an 11-year agreement to broadcast 15 Thursday Night Football games and one pre-season game per year in the US. Starting in September, Amazon will become the exclusive home for Thursday Night Football. Customers will continue to enjoy innovative features like X-Ray and Next Gen Stats, and connect from anywhere through their TVs, mobile devices and desktops across Fire TV, Prime Video, Amazon and Twitch.

As our customers enjoy premium-quality, action-packed, interactive viewing experiences, advertisers will have a great opportunity to reach passionate sports fans through streaming. According to eMarketer’s projection, the digital live sports audience is only getting bigger – one-third of the US population (118M people) are predicted to stream live sports in 2025, a 71% increase compared to 2021.1

The 2021 TNF season on Prime Video and Twitch was part of the multi-cast with FOX and NFL Network. Amazon streamed 11 regular season Thursday Night Football games on Prime Video and Twitch. In this blog post, we will reference Amazon TNF viewers throughout. They are streaming viewers who watched Thursday Night Football on Prime Video or Twitch in the 2021 season. Along with Amazon’s first-party insights of 2021 TNF audiences and brand lift measurement studies conducted by Kantar, we’ve put together a deep dive to better understand how those streaming live sports differ from NFL viewers on traditional linear TV.

Below, we dig into our five key takeaways from the study:

Amazon’s TNF viewers are a younger adult, tech-savvy, cord-cutter audience2

Amazon TNF viewers skew younger than traditional linear NFL viewers. 63% of Amazon TNF viewers fall under the adult GenZ and Millennial audience, over-indexing 140 against linear NFL viewers. On average, Amazon TNF viewers self-report to be five years younger than linear NFL viewers.

Adult GenZ + Millennial Audience

63% of Amazon TNF viewers

45% of linear NFL viewers

38% of TNF viewers of Amazon self-report that they do not have a pay TV subscription service, which makes them harder to reach via traditional linear TV channels.

These are active and affluent audiences with high purchase propensity3

Amazon TNF viewers are an active and affluent audience with high purchase propensity. They self-report to have a 36% higher household income than linear NFL viewers.

Amazon TNF viewers

Linear NFL viewers

They are active in their personal and professional lives, and more likely to participate in these activities in the next 12 months:

Purchase/lease a car

33% of Amazon TNF viewers

29% of linear NFL viewers

Start a new hobby

26% of Amazon TNF viewers

20% of linear NFL viewers

Get a pet

21% of Amazon TNF viewers

15% of linear NFL viewers

Start own business

15% of Amazon TNF viewers

10% of linear NFL viewers

Buy a new home

14% of Amazon TNF viewers

10% of linear NFL viewers

Start a family

9% of Amazon TNF viewers

4% of linear NFL viewers

They are a highly engaged game audience

In the 2021 TNF season, Amazon TNF viewers on average spent 1.6 hours per game on streaming, 23% higher than the average TNF game viewing time on the linear channels (1.3 hours). This is also a 14% YoY increase from the 2020 season. The majority of Amazon TNF viewers streamed the game on a living room device (79%).4


2021 Amazon TNF average viewing time per game vs. linear TNF: +23% vs. linear TNF


2021 Amazon TNF average viewing time per game vs. 2020: +14% YoY

2021 TNF viewing on a living room device

This is an audience that is highly engaged with brands and ads5

Amazon TNF viewers generally report as more receptive to interacting with brands and responding to relevant advertising messages than linear NFL viewers.

Specific to the TNF viewing in 2021, Amazon TNF viewers self-reported that they showed higher interaction and engagement with brands during the game when compared to linear TNF viewers (87% take some action related to brand vs. 65%).

Search for products

41% of Amazon TNF viewers

26% of linear NFL viewers

Talk about the brand on social media

37% of Amazon TNF viewers

23% of linear NFL viewers

Do research on a retailer website or app

32% of Amazon TNF viewers

21% of linear NFL viewers

Purchase the brand

34% of Amazon TNF viewers

22% of linear NFL viewers

This audience responds to brand messaging

Amazon TNF viewers expressed a high level of satisfaction with streaming TNF games. Better customer experience leads to better advertiser outcomes. Given the high level of viewer satisfaction, it’s no surprise that Amazon TNF viewers responded to brand messaging positively during TNF game viewing. When we tested on brand metrics among TNF viewers vs. non-viewers during the season, we saw significant lifts of brand performance among TNF viewers. They responded to brand ad messages strongly and positively with significantly higher ad recall, brand favourability and consideration intent.

70% of Amazon TNF viewers indicated they’ve had a better experience watching the NFL online/streaming than via linear channels.6

Looking ahead, in a new era of Thursday Night Football exclusively on streaming TV, Amazon Ads can be part of a brand’s strategy to reach millions of NFL fans and offers new opportunities across programming and ads that will delight both fans and advertisers.

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