Introducing Amazon Attribution, a measurement solution for brands that sell on Amazon

24 AUGUST 2018

By Devon O'Rourke
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

For the first time, brands can measure the impact of display, search and video channels based on how consumers discover, research and buy their products on Amazon. Amazon Attribution, a new beta advertising attribution solution, provides brands that sell on Amazon with sales impact analysis across media channels wherever they spend time. With on-demand reporting, they are able to uncover the insights needed to optimise their media campaigns in-flight and grow product sales.

Success story: Premier Protein sees strong e-commerce growth

Insights from Amazon Attribution helped Premier Nutrition tailor its advertising strategy in Q4 2017 and drive sales growth on Amazon. After implementing the new measurement solution, the brand was able to optimise its cross-channel media strategy, resulting in a 96% quarter-on-quarter growth in sales1 and a 322% year-on-year growth in sales2 for its Premier Protein products on Amazon.

A new opportunity

Exverus Media, which manages media strategy, planning and buying for Premier Protein, continuously looks for ways to better understand how its cross-channel digital advertising campaigns are effectively contributing to sales on Amazon.

We were interested in Amazon Attribution due to the importance of Amazon as an e-commerce channel. Premier Protein has dedicated resources to growing its business on Amazon. The ability to receive ROI metrics for Premier Protein’s digital media campaigns felt like a great opportunity to help drive efficiency.Jeremy Lopez, Media Supervisor at Exverus Media

With unique conversion metrics, such as Amazon detail page views, purchase rate and sales, the agency received a granular view into how each of its marketing tactics contributed to shopping activity on Amazon.

Amazon Attribution gave us deeper insight than the typical engagement and media metrics we receive from other solutions. Using these insights, we were able to quickly optimise our investment strategy and generate greater ROI for Premier Protein”. Jeremy Lopez, Media Supervisor at Exverus Media

Conversion insights

Amazon Attribution allowed the agency to uncover and monitor sales trends attributed to advertising. For example, it learned:

  • Health publications performed better than other media types, accounting for 83% of Premier Protein’s Q4 2017 ad-attributed sales on Amazon.3
  • The top performing audiences across all media channel investments indexed high against health-, sports- and exercise-oriented Amazon audience segments.3
  • Media placements within health forums were the most successful in driving high return on ad spend (ROAS), observing a 30 times greater ROAS than the total media investment average.3

Insights turned into action

Amazon Attribution allowed the agency to quantify its media investments across digital channels. After further analysis, it decided to optimise its buying strategy by investing more in health publications. The agency also reviewed the Amazon audience segment insights to improve its existing audience strategy and inform future cross-channel campaigns and creative set-up.

We are excited to gain more insights from Amazon Attribution, which we’ll use to help decide where to invest our media budgets. We are able to justify media investments like never beforewe want to start using Amazon Attribution across all media plans for brands that sell their products on Amazon!Jeremy Lopez, Media Supervisor at Exverus Media

This example demonstrates that, with the right measurement solution, advertisers and their agencies can develop optimisation strategies across channels and devices to help maximise ROI and grow product sales.

1 Amazon internal data from Q4 2017 to Q1 2018.
2 Amazon internal data from Q1 2017 to Q1 2018.
3 Amazon Attribution data (1/10/2017-31/12/2017)