Intentwise uses Sponsored Display to help reach customers on their shopping journeys

15 December 2021

Engaging shoppers early along their journeys can be crucial in helping to introduce them to products that might fit their needs. That’s why Intentwise, an advertising optimization tool, uses Sponsored Display to help reach audiences wherever they spend time, according to Intentwise Co-Founder and CEO Sreenath Reddy. Intentwise uses Sponsored Display to help brands connect with audiences while also improving their ad reach.

In 2019, Intentwise started working with Amazon Ads, and in the years since, they have been automating recommendations and providing easily digestible marketing metrics, and visualisations to help brands understand how to best serve their customers.

Many products could benefit from a Sponsored Display campaign to drive brand awareness and consideration, Reddy said. Intentwise has found that by comparing usage across a variety of channels, they can reach audiences where they are and help audiences discover brands and products they may need.

“In order to drive sales, you need to drive impressions, you need to drive clicks, you need to create more awareness for your products,” Reddy said.

Intentwise customers are typically medium-to-large-size advertisers who have the goal of increasing incremental growth. In order to achieve this goal, Intentwise helps their advertisers think strategically about how to engage and reach more customers.

“Leveraging what works in Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands and deploying those in Sponsored Display product targeting is a no-brainer and works well for us,” Reddy said. Sponsored Display reaches audiences wherever they spend time, meaning that ads appear throughout customers’ journeys, from Amazon shopping results pages, to Twitch, to third-party websites, including desktop, mobile and app ads as well. Also, ad creative is automatically generated with Sponsored Display and can be customized with a headline and logo or lifestyle image, helping brands engage with customers along their shopping and entertainment journeys.

On average, using Sponsored Display has provided advertisers with up to 82% of sales from new-to-brand customers.1

“Sponsored Display campaigns drove new-to-brand orders of over 70%,2 which was exciting to see because it confirms that we were driving incremental sales,” Reddy added.

Intentwise sees success with other brands

Intentwise begins by reaching customers early in their shopping journeys. Providing ads to shoppers as they browse for products is an ideal way to reach new audiences. To build awareness with audiences, brands should begin campaigns three to four weeks prior to a big event or season, Reddy recommended. Two examples from Intentwise are their work with Grosche, a coffee and tea accessories company, and TeeTurtle, a toy and game company.

Grosche water bottle


Coffee and tea accessories company

With the help of strategies that included Sponsored Display, “new-to-brand orders were over 80% for them,” Reddy said. Grosche used strategies such as cross-selling and upselling (recommending related and upgraded items) to engage new customers.

TeeTurtle festive season ad


Toy and game company

TeeTurtle has been using audience and product campaigns for a while and is now planning to double its Sponsored Display usage during the festive season, Reddy said.

Intentwise’s holistic view of performance insights could help brands reach and engage new audiences. Additionally, simplified metrics and testing options can help boost incremental growth. “We are building out capabilities to allow for easy creative testing and supporting custom imagery so our customers can tell brand stories through unique imagery,” Reddy said of upcoming features for Intentwise.

Brands looking to engage with audiences at all stages of their shopping and entertainment journeys may want to consider using Sponsored Display ads.

1 Amazon internal data, 2020
2 Advertiser-provided data, 2020