Discover the improved advertising management experience for seller accounts

23 September 2020

By Hilla Gershon
Sr. Product Manager

Sellers using Seller Central for their advertising activities may have noticed a change in their experience. All advertising management – including sponsored ads campaigns, Stores and reports – have moved from Seller Central to the advertising console, which can be accessed from the Amazon Ads website.

We’ve listened to your feedback about how you want to access your campaigns, reports and account settings. This change will provide a more cohesive view of your campaign options so that you can find what you need faster and advertise more efficiently. Here’s an overview of the features we’ve introduced with this change.

Easier navigation

The console displays a navigation menu on the left when you sign in to the advertising console and hover over the menu icon. In it, you can find quick access to your campaigns, Stores, reports and bulk operations. Your billing and payment methods are also now in a single centralised location.

Navigation menu of Amazon Ads website
Campaigns page of Amazon Ads website

New notification and support features

In the advertising console, you have access to features exclusive to the console. These include real-time notifications about active campaigns, a designated location for advertiser-specific support and the capability to seamlessly switch between all of your accounts within a region.

Account switching feature of Amazon Ads website
Language selection in Amazon Ads website
Notification tab in Amazon Ads website

What else you need to know

  • Only advertising management, including sponsored ads campaigns, Stores, advertising reports, payment settings and billing, have moved to the advertising console. All of your settings and information have remained the same in both Seller Central and the advertising console.
  • You are able to easily access the advertising console from the menu in Seller Central and return to Seller Central at any time from the advertising console navigation.
  • Your sign-in information remains the same – no separate account is needed.
  • You have a dedicated location to receive support from advertising specialists. Advertising cases will be visible in both Seller Central and in the advertising console.

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