High Brew introduces a new way to drink coffee

7 MARCH 2019 | By Rachel Messinger, Sr. Marketing Manager

When David Smith founded High Brew, a coffee brand for “those who do”, he set out to create a great-tasting, ready-to-drink cold brew coffee in a can.

“Coffee is the most consumed beverage on the planet, next to water,” Smith said. “So many people start their day off with a cup of coffee.” Five years and nine flavours later, he’s on the path to success.

High Brew wanted to build on the success they experienced when they started selling on Amazon by getting their message to an even larger audience.

“We know there are millions of coffee drinkers around the world, and we're trying to introduce consumers to a new way of doing coffee,” said Mari Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer, High Brew.

This is when they turned to Amazon Ads.

quoteUpWe believed that there were millions of customers on Amazon who drink coffee. We just needed to find ways to connect with that audience, and we knew Amazon could provide us with the tools we needed to shape the strategy that would get us there.quoteDown
– Mari Johnson, High Brew, Chief Marketing Officer

Brewing a strategy

High Brew started running sponsored ads on Amazon in 2017. The following year, they applied what they’d learned to add Amazon DSP and Fire tablet advertising in the May-to-August time frame, during which customers shop for iced coffee and cold brew products more frequently.

“Amazon has helped us start speaking to the core audiences that really want our coffee,” Smith said. “It’s a direct connection to who we’re selling to.”

Amazon Ads has also helped consumers see the key points of difference between High Brew and other cold brews, according to Johnson.

Reaching customers and seeing results

High Brew’s strategy was a success, contributing to year-over-year growth of more than 200% and a position as one of the top-selling cold brew coffees on Amazon during their campaign period.

“The results have been exceeding our expectations,” said Johnson. “We've seen our sales more than double in the periods in which we've deployed our Amazon Ads campaigns.”

Based on their learnings, High Brew is now running an always-on strategy with Amazon Ads. They’re continuing to develop their approach to reach new audiences, while also gathering insights that help them make business decisions, such as what new products to develop and how to market them.

“It's really exciting to think about how many cases are being shipped every day around the country fuelling everybody else’s journey,” said Smith.

quoteUpWhile our company is young, we are ambitious, and we feel confident that by investing in the right channels, we will successfully reach our goal of becoming the number one ready-to-drink cold brew coffee brand.quoteDown
– David Smith, High Brew, Chief Executive Officer

Watch the video below to hear more about High Brew’s story, and how they’re going about their mission to rise to the top of the cold brew coffee heap.

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