Increase campaign performance with e-commerce creative

5 JANUARY 2017

Not all Amazon customers are the same. One customer may respond better to a price promotion through a voucher while another may be heavily influenced by a customer review. So, why deliver the same ad to everyone?

Some advertisers use different target audiences to better personalise ads for their customers. While this works well to broadly message a group, it does not allow for delivery of different creative messages based on customer behaviours. Amazon Advertising has been working to optimise ads on the fly to better meet customers’ diverse needs.

We recently released display ads with e-commerce creative (formerly dynamic e-commerce ads), a new premium ad product that delivers optimised ad creative to improve customers’ shopping experience. This solution uses multiple data points to automatically assemble ad creative that maximises campaign performance at scale.

When tested against standard ads without e-commerce capabilities, we found that our real-time optimisations drove a 23% lift in purchase rate on average.1

Display ads with e-commerce creative enable managed and self-service advertising clients to quickly and easily produce creatives that automatically update to highlight product attributes, such as availability, price, vouchers and star ratings. These ads are also available across screens so brands can reach current and future customers with relevant messages, wherever they are.

To learn more about how display ads with e-commerce creative can enhance your advertising campaigns, contact your Amazon Advertising account executive directly or contact us here.

1 Source: Amazon internal data, 3/2016-8/2016