AWS and AMC help advertisers activate insights across marketing channels

20 January 2023 | By Jareen Imam, Sr. Content and Editorial Manager and Marisa Levine, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Amazon Marketing Cloud
coverage of CES

This blog post is a part of CES coverage from Amazon Ads. During the conference, which took place 5–8 January 2023, in Las Vegas, we showcased fresh insights, trends and products that can help brands enhance their marketing strategies and grow their businesses.

In times of audience fragmentation, economic uncertainty and technology disruptions, advertisers want to ensure that their ad dollars and marketing campaigns are working harder for them. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Ads can help advertisers increase their business outcomes by activating insights across marketing and advertising channels.

At CES, one of the most influential technology conferences in the world, Amazon Ads sat down with brand leaders and agency partners in our content studio to discuss ways they are connecting with audiences, staying top of mind, and inspiring brand love and loyalty. At the 2023 conference, we interviewed Miranda Chen, the director of Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) growth and monetisation at Amazon Ads, where she focuses on driving growth and adoption for AMC – through partners, new products and innovative customer solutions.

During the conversation, Chen shared how AWS and Amazon Ads can help customers reach their goals with AMC. Dive into the interview below to learn more.

What are the biggest challenges facing advertisers when it comes to measuring their cross-media investments?

Reaching audiences is more challenging than ever. New media channels are resulting in fragmented and disconnected signals, complex customer journeys across screens are making it harder to personalise and deliver relevant experiences, and privacy protection is top of mind for our customers and us. Marketers are also under increasing pressure to prove the impact of their cross-media investments.

How is Amazon Ads working to help solve those issues?

Amazon Marketing Cloud, commonly referred to as AMC, is a core part of this strategy. AMC is a clean room solution designed to help uncover new insights, maximise marketing performance and discover the impact of cross-media investments for Amazon Ads customers.

AMC helps advertisers to tap into rich signals from Amazon, as well as combine their Amazon event signals with their own first-party insights, to help create a holistic view of their marketing impact anywhere customers spend their time.*

AMC is built on AWS, and customers can choose to store first-party signals on AWS. Together, Amazon Ads and AWS help customers join audience signals, analyse those signals to drive business outcomes, and activate insights across marketing and advertising channels.

How should customers be thinking about using Amazon Ads and AWS together?

Customers storing their insights on AWS are looking for streamlined ways to analyse and draw insights with Amazon Ads signals through AMC – and we have two joint solutions that help with that today:

  • AMC Uploader from AWS helps Amazon Ads customers seamlessly upload customer signals into their AMC instance, without dedicating IT resources to build and support the upload workflows.
  • AMC Insights on AWS helps advertisers and agencies running campaigns on Amazon Ads to easily deploy AWS services to analyse and visualize reporting from the AMC API.

Together, these two solutions help customers reduce deployment time and streamline ingestion into AMC.

What’s next for AMC and the partnership between Amazon Ads and AWS?

In addition to building more joint solutions on behalf of our customers, AMC will use AWS Clean Rooms to enhance existing functionality. AWS Clean Rooms’ broad set of privacy-enhancing controls will enable marketers to use their own signals in AMC without needing to store or maintain a copy of their signals outside of their AWS environment.

* AMC only accepts pseudonymised information. All information in an advertiser’s AMC instance is handled in strict accordance with Amazon’s privacy policies, and advertisers’ signals cannot be exported or accessed by Amazon. Advertisers can only access aggregated, anonymous outputs from AMC.