Ready to showcase your accomplishments? The 2023 Amazon Ads Partner Awards are open for entry

1 May 2023:

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The third annual Amazon Ads Partner Awards are now open for applications to highlight creativity and innovation in advertising across multiple industries for brands of all sizes. This awards programme offers verified or advanced status partners the opportunity to showcase their outstanding work and be recognised for their exceptional contributions to their clients’ success. In years past, winners have taken home awards for ambitious campaigns that featured exceptional brand growth, creative use of cutting-edge technology and more.

“Amazon Ads partners are inspired creators and innovative engineers who help bring brands’ stories to life in the Amazon store. The Partner Awards serve as a testament to the partners’ success and recognize their imaginative and effective use of Amazon Ads to benefit their customers,” said Teresa Uthurralt, director of partner business development and marketing at Amazon Ads. “We are thrilled to expand the Partner Awards this year, and look forward to discovering more about the exceptional work our Partner Network community has delivered for our mutual customers over the past year.”

2023 Partner Awards

The Amazon Ads Partner Awards is a programme that honours and celebrates the work of our partners worldwide. Returning to highlight the bold work that agency and technology partners delivered on behalf of their clients, the programme recognises partner-supported campaigns that have run anywhere in the world. In 2023, we will also see some exciting new categories, including the Performance Award, Challenger Award, Creative Brand Building Award, Global Expansion Award and the Technology Innovation Award. These categories have expanded eligibility for partners in the Americas (AMER); Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and the Asia Pacific (APAC).

Partner Award categories

Regardless of where you are based, all advanced or verified partners are invited to share award submissions to highlight their best work over the last year in the relevant award category.

The Performance Award and the Challenger Award will recognize one winner from each region: AMER, EMEA and APAC. These awards are designed to highlight partners that have excelled in helping drive performance growth for their clients, or have demonstrated a challenger mindset by pushing boundaries of what is possible.

The Creative Brand Building Award is a newly enhanced category that will recognise two winners, one for success with an endemic advertiser and one for success with a non-endemic advertiser, from anywhere in the world. This award celebrates partners who have used Amazon Ads to build their clients’ brand and tell a creative and engaging story helping to deliver outstanding results for their clients, regardless of the industry.

The Global Expansion Award and the Technology Innovation Award will recognize one winner from all global applicants. The Global Expansion Award celebrates partners that have successfully helped their clients expand their business to new countries worldwide. The Technology Innovation Award recognizes a partner that has leveraged Amazon Ads solutions to develop an innovative technology to help deliver outstanding results for their clients.

Why apply?

These awards are more than a mere pat on the back. They represent a space for partners to tell their latest success story and share their inspiring work with Amazon Ads.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Amazon Ads Partner Awards is a chance to showcase your success, gain recognition, and unlock additional benefits from Amazon Ads such as events, case studies and webinar opportunities.

“Winning two Partner Awards two years in a row has been one of the most exciting and proud moments for us as an agency,” said John Doyle, CEO of Amerge, 2022 Innovation Award winner in the US and the UK. “We work relentlessly for our customers, and it’s fantastic the solutions we’ve built have been recognised for us. The awards both deepen relationships with our existing customers and, for new customers, provide proof points we really are building the blueprint for success on Amazon.”

Apply today

Submissions opened on 1 May and will be open through 9 June 2023. We will announce finalists in September, and winners will be announced at the Partner Awards gala on 23 October in New York City.