The 2022 Amazon Ads Partner Awards winners are…

24 October 2022

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We’re excited to announce our 2022 Amazon Ads Partner Awards winners, whose campaigns demonstrated exceptional creativity and innovation, spanning multiple industries and representing brands of all sizes.

We’re constantly inspired by our partners’ expertise across our suite of Amazon Ads products and their dedication to deliver for advertisers. After reviewing over 200 submissions from 125 unique partners, our jury panel – comprising industry experts from Kantar and IAB as well as team members from Amazon Ads – is proud to announce nine winners across four award categories: Brand Building, Performance Growth, Scaled Technology and Innovation.

Hosted by comedian and writer Rob Mayhew, we celebrated our finalists at a special gala in New York City. Please join us in congratulating the winners of our second annual 2022 Amazon Ads Partner Awards.

Brand Building Award

2022 Brand Building Award

Creating connections starts with a memorable brand story. With a nod to innovation and thought leadership, this award recognises a partner who used Amazon Ads’ brand-building products to help their client tell an engaging brand story, accelerate brand growth and foster more meaningful customer connections.

Winner – UK 2022: MediaCom

For Coca-Cola’s “Christmas Night In”, MediaCom planned a full-funnel seasonal campaign to reach and engage foodies, Christmas shoppers, and entertainment fans. Their immersive strategy included “movie nights in”, trials of Coca-Cola drinks, and cohesive paths to purchase. Spanning multiple Amazon touchpoints – from branded delivery bags, to display ads on Amazon Fresh, to Amazon’s free streaming service Freevee – the campaign successfully delighted festive season audiences and exceeded the client’s reach objective by 45%.1

UK Finalists:

Winner – US 2022: Marshall Associates

After undergoing a brand refresh, Active Skin Repair sought to reach new audiences that were health-minded and more focused on luxury and organic products. They selected Marshall Associates to help them create and execute a full-funnel campaign to drive top-line awareness while building bottom-line sales growth. By pairing creative assets and media strategy with impactful messaging across sponsored ads and Amazon DSP, Marshall Associates helped Active Skin Repair increase new-to-brand sales, decrease the cost per acquisition, and achieve record total sales figures (+66% increase in YoY ordered product sales).2

Winner – US 2022: Team One

In 2022, Lexus introduced an all-new redesign of their NX SUV with the challenge to generate “nameplate awareness” for the launch and engage key audiences in their “smart” (connected) homes. Team One built a multichannel campaign that used Streaming TV, a livestream game show on Twitch, audio ads, and display ads on IMDb. The strategy exceeded all expectations and led to a 187% YoY increase of brand engagement and awareness to the NX model pages.3

Performance Growth Award

2022 Performance Growth Award

This award recognises partners who leveraged Amazon Ads products to help their clients reach and engage shoppers across the customer journey and achieve substantial performance growth.

Winner – UK 2022: Media.Monks

Philips DA UK worked with Media.Monks to develop a comprehensive Amazon Ads strategy to launch their first full-funnel Amazon DSP campaign and restructure their sponsored ads strategy. Media.Monks used Amazon DSP audience creation tools to develop a library of custom-built audiences, which helped inform their full-funnel campaign strategy. By focusing on reaching new-to-brand customers and engaging with them down the marketing funnel, Media.Monks helped grow Philips DA UK’s revenue on Amazon beyond their goal of 50% YoY and position the brand for more growth in the Amazon store.4

UK Finalists:

Winner – US 2022: Global Overview

Supplement brand Tru Niagen came to Global Overview (GO) with a goal of growing their brand. GO turned to Amazon Marketing Cloud and Seller Central to help them continuously optimise the brand’s omnichannel strategy. They helped Tru Niagen map their path to purchase, foster new-to-brand growth through an Amazon Ads audience overlap analysis, and optimise campaign assets across programmes. The campaign resulted in a 61% increase of monthly new-to-brand shoppers and a +170% increase in Subscribe & Save (SNS) subscriptions.5

US Finalists:

Scaled Technology Award

2022 Scaled Technology Award

The Amazon Ads API offers endless opportunities for tech-savvy partners to drive growth in customer solutions. This award recognises partners who have leveraged the Amazon Ads API to develop innovative technologies that create efficiencies and helped their clients scale quickly and expand into new regions around the globe.

Winner – UK 2022: Merkle and Pacvue

Cisco tasked Merkle and Pacvue with helping them speed up their ad campaign optimisation and increase return on ad spend (ROAS) across five countries. The teams closely collaborated to determine which of Pacvue’s software functionalities could help achieve the brand’s goals. Integrating Cisco’s Amazon Ads campaigns with Pacvue’s dashboard helped Merkle reduce their time spent on manual optimisation and have a better overview of campaign performance across all locales. By using keyword research, rule-based optimisation, day-parting and budget pacing tools, the teams helped improve ROAS by 22% and achieve a 24% increase in both revenue and orders.6

UK Finalists:

Winner – US 2022: Quartile

Restaurantware, a food-service packaging seller, came to Quartile with the goals of improving their ROI and growing product sales, as well as increasing growth among their product subcategories. Quartile’s technology based on automation, machine learning, AI, and integrated with the Amazon Ads API helped Restaurantware to manage their large product portfolio and optimise their advertising campaigns at scale. With a comprehensive growth strategy, Restaurantware achieved a 3X increase in sales and sharpened their presence in the Home and Kitchen category in the Amazon store.7

US Finalists:

Innovation Award

2022 Innovation Award

Amazon Ads partners are trailblazers, pioneers and creators. This award recognises partners who demonstrated entirely new ways of thinking by developing innovative features or services that solved a client need and drove measurable results.

Winner – UK 2022: Amerge Ltd.

Gaming company HyperX looked to Amerge Ltd. for an alternative KPI that could link to their overall performance in Amazon stores in five countries and be just as efficient and easy to understand as ROAS. Amerge created a unified product database that produces ASIN-level total ROAS, which helped HyperX more easily see the impact of their ad spend on their total sales and adjust their budget according to product-level trends. This led to overachieving the initial goal of 30% month-over-month total sales.8

UK Finalists:

Winner – US 2022: Amerge Ltd.

Amerge Ltd. worked with book publisher Loft Troll to build bespoke technology that would help them deepen their advertising performance insights and automate their processes. With a fully custom Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) cloud solution integrated with the Amazon Ads API, Amerge was able to develop an overall view of ad campaign performance, automatically integrate trending book titles into ad campaigns, and craft a multilayered strategy to reach new audiences. This helped Loft Troll achieve monthly ROI between 146% and 213%, save time, and adopt a dynamic always-on ad strategy.9

US Finalists:

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Congratulations to our 2022 UK and US Partner Awards winners.

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1 Mediacom, UK, 22/11/21 – 31/12/21. n= 28.9m unique reach
2 Marshall Associates, US, 01/01/22 – 15/6/22. n= 43 Million Impressions, 97K Detail Page Views
3 Team One, US, 3/1/22 – 10/4/22. n= 31.9MM unique users
4 Media.Monks, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, 6/1/21 – 6/1/22. n= 250-270MM users
5 Global Overview, DSP for this client in CA, DE and UK, but this submission was based off US, 1/1/22 – 30/4/22, n= [<DS>] Cumulative Reach 1/1/22 – 30/4/22 across all DSP/STV campaigns = 15,026,298
6Merkle and Pacvue , UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, 2/5/21 – 31/7/21. n= Impressions 75,300,489 and clicks 89,785
7 Quartile, US, 1/10/21 – 31/12/21. n= 493,790 reach
8 Amerge, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, 1/3/22 – 31/3/22. n= UK 2,075,203 / DE 3,533,192 / FR 1,399,483 / IT 981,588 / ES 1,223,641 DSP Cumulative Reach
9 Amerge, US, 4/1/22 – 31/3/22. N= 1,039,109 DSP Cumulative Reach

The case studies, insights, figures, results, and other data presented here were based on the extraordinary performance of the winning campaigns featured in the 2022 Amazon Ads Partner Awards. The information provided is intended as observation and commentary, not as a recommendation or advice. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.