Why advertisers should leverage a three-step blueprint to drive ad creative performance for brand growth

21 December 2021 | By Carly Kahan, Content Specialist

Advertisers are always looking for compelling ways to create impact and grow their brand. An important way for brands to drive growth and measurable impact is through ad creative performance. Amazon Ads offers insights, and experimentation options that advertisers can utilise to inform their ad creative decisions and ultimately enhance performance.

For the average consumer, “on an average day, [they] are exposed to 6,000 advertisements and, each year, to more than 25,000 new products”1 across various channels like social, TV and news sites, to name a few. “Brands help consumers cut through the proliferation of choices available in every product and service category,” said Amazon Ads Video Programme Manager Jarett Coy at unBoxed in October. For brands to differentiate themselves within this space, they must develop creative performance to connect emotionally and create long-term relationships with customers.

Coy outlines a three-step road map, and what he calls the blueprint for driving creative performance to help brands better reach their customers and grow their brand through creative optimisation.

Let’s look at each step one by one and through the eyes of a customer success story: San Francisco Bay Coffee, also known as SF Bay.

Step one: What is my objective or goal?

Here, it’s important for brands to think about putting themselves into their customers’ shoes. Coy details the significance of core growth objectives – looking more at the entire customer experience and what creative will resonate with intended audiences. With a specific growth objective, brands can leverage unique key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure creative performance. SF Bay’s objective was to acquire new customers and expand their audience in Amazon’s store.

Broadly speaking, SF Bay’s objective was to grow customer acquisition and expand their audiences on Amazon. Through the power of Amazon Audience Insights, SF Bay determined that it had fewer purchasers in the 25-34 age range than similar brands.

Step two: What insights or best practices exist to inform my creative?

Amazon Ads has a wide range of insights and best practices for advertisers to help boost performance including category benchmarks as well as creative and audience insights.

At unboxed, Coy emphasised, “Understanding how and when to leverage creative insights will allow you to get the most out of your creative and ensure you’re tapping into proven best practices to unlock performance increases”.

Amazon Ads has a range of insights and best practices for advertisers to help boost performance including category benchmarks and audience insights.
By studying customer reviews, SF Bay found that specific product characteristics of sustainability and flavour-focused coffee were important to their customers. It also tapped into grocery vertical creative insights to understand what would help improve performance across each KPIs.

Step three: What creative elements can I test to drive performance?

At this point, the brand objective is defined and Amazon Ads’ insights have been integrated into the creative, which leads to step three as the optimisation phase to drive performance.

Coy advised, “Testing or experimentation allows us to understand which elements of a creative drive the strongest performance,” by giving advertisers opportunities to optimise and iterate their creatives to boost brand performance. Through A/B testing, SF Bay evaluated if sustainable or flavor-focused copy would help grow its younger adult audience. This included two tests to determine which copy messaging variant and background style (product focused versus lifestyle) would boost performance.

SF Bay exemplifies a brand who has put the three-step ad creative blueprint into effect to successfully reach their goals. Their campaign resulted in an 8% click-through rate lift when flavor-focused messaging was leveraged and an increase their new-to-brand purchases of 24% when they followed the blueprint.2

As Coy explained, “SF Bay is just one example of the performance increases that can be unlocked [using the blueprint]”. As advertisers look to grow their brand and boost creative performance, they should look to the three-step blueprint.

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