Four benefits of Sponsored Display ads

26 January 2021 | By Sourav Singh

When we consider a purchase journey, shoppers typically take time to consider the different product options available before making a final purchase decision. In fact, we’ve found that only 4% of shoppers convert to a purchase in the same session where they started browsing for a product.1 On average, shoppers take six to seven days to make a purchase and might browse through 14 product detail pages before doing so.2 Browsing and discovery are an important part of the customer journey.

Key opportunities for Sponsored Display

There are four key business objectives across the product life cycle with which Sponsored Display can help.

1. Product awareness

The goal of product awareness is to maximise reach among new audiences and improve product discovery. Sponsored Display helps you achieve this goal by enabling you to target relevant product categories on Amazon, with targeting refinement on attributes such as category, brand, price and Prime eligibility.

2. Customer acquisition

Sponsored Display can help you grow your customer base and acquire customers by targeting specific products or categories, or by engaging audiences that have viewed, browsed or purchased similar products.

3. Brand loyalty

You can also use Sponsored Display to cross-sell or upsell to your loyal customer base. With product targeting, you can target your own product detail pages to showcase related products. This helps shoppers already considering one of your products, to also consider your other offerings either as a substitute or as a complement.

4. Remarketing

Use Sponsored Display remarketing to reengage audiences who have considered your product or similar products and categories in the past.

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1 US conversion rate for third quarter, 2018
2 Amazon internal, 2019.

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Sourav is a Senior Product Manager at Amazon Ads. He focuses on improving the bidding and recommendation services for Sponsored Display.

Prior to joining Amazon, he led dynamic pricing, growth and data service teams at Treebo, a start-up in the hospitality sector. Sourav holds a master of business administration from the Indian School of Business.