Three ways to extend your festive momentum using Sponsored Display

26 DECEMBER 2019

Nina Brentlinger
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

If you are an advertiser who saw increased impressions and purchases between Black Friday and Christmas, you may be wondering when your next big advertising opportunity will be.

The answer might be “sooner than you think”. Here are three reasons why advertising with Sponsored Display ads after the festive season can help you make the most of your holiday momentum.

1. More views means you can re-engage a larger audience

During the festive period, Amazon shoppers around the world browse for products across multiple categories as they shop for top gifts and trending products. In fact, customers shopped at record levels this festive period with billions of items ordered worldwide.1

As a result of festive period shopping, many advertisers see higher page views for product detail pages. Product page views are typically a more meaningful demand signal than metrics like impressions, because it indicates shoppers are taking action to learn more about your product. With Sponsored Display, you can remarket to audiences who have viewed your product detail page, and when the festive season is over, you’re likely to have larger audiences to re-engage.

Tip: We recommend prioritising products with the most detail page views for Sponsored Display campaigns. Products with the most page views will also be the ones with the largest total potential remarketing audience.

2. Festive period shoppers often browse for themselves while shopping for others

If you’re wondering whether remarketing after the festive period is useful because you might end up remarketing to audiences who were shopping for gifts that are no longer needed, think again.

Research suggests that many festive shoppers discover and purchase products that pique their own interest while they’re shopping for others. For example, a recent study from Deloitte found that 51% of consumers shop for themselves while gift shopping for others.2 Sponsored Display can help you reignite interest among these shoppers and encourage repeat purchases among audiences who discovered your brand during the festive period.

Remarketing can also help you reach audiences who discovered your product while gift shopping but didn’t make a purchase because they weren’t shopping for themselves. After the festive period is a great time to remind these shoppers of your products and brand (they may even have a gift card in their wallets that they’re ready to use).

Tip: For the best chance of engaging shoppers who discovered your brand during the festive period, we recommend setting a daily budget that’s high enough to keep your ads showing throughout the day. If you underestimate the size of your addressable audience, your campaign might run out of budget before the end of the day. If this happens, your ads will be paused until midnight, when the daily budget resets, and you might miss out on valuable impressions.

3. Longer campaigns are more likely to outperform category trends

Our research suggests display campaigns should run for a minimum of 90 days. In a study of 266 first-time display advertisers, we discovered that advertisers who ran display campaigns for 90 days or more were 20% more likely to outperform category trends in traffic and 36% more likely to outperform category trends in sales than advertisers who ran campaigns for less than 90 days.3

Based on these findings, we believe that campaigns running for at least 90 days drive the best results for advertisers, and recommend running your festive campaigns until February 2020.

Tip: Running campaigns for more than 90 days also gives you more time to experiment. We recommend testing and optimising to find the right creative and messaging that works for your audience. For example, some customers are more responsive to vouchers whereas others are motivated by “Shop now” calls to action (CTAs). For a simple experiment, clone your campaign and change one variable at a time to compare two versions of a single variable.

Ready to make the most of your festive campaign return on investment? Learn more about Sponsored Display or get started with a campaign.

1. Amazon press release, December 2019
2. 2019 Deloitte festive period retail survey
3. Source: Amazon internal 2018. Based on a study of 266 advertisers that launched their first display campaign between February 2017 and November 2017. Study looked at increases in average sales and glance views, by comparing the average value eight weeks after the campaign launch to the average value four weeks prior to campaign launch.