What is Amazon Ad Server?

Amazon Ad Server is a global, multichannel ad server used to create, distribute, customize, measure and optimize campaigns across a variety of screens. It offers multiple options for creative authoring, streamlined campaign management tools, advanced dynamic creative optimization capabilities and Media Rating Council-accredited measurement.

Why use Amazon Ad Server

Amazon Ad Server gives customers creative control to engage audiences with relevant, impactful ads while centralizing cross-channel insights to aid in campaign optimization.

Access creative tools for all skill levels

Empower creative teams to build ads using the tools that work best for them, and support dynamic creative concepts for any screen. For times when creative resources are limited, ads can easily be adapted for new formats or refreshed using our self-service creative capabilities.

Distribute campaigns with ease

Launch campaigns quickly while maintaining control over the campaign management process and third-party integrations. As the exclusive third-party ad server to support ad serving and measurement of Amazon custom audiences, Amazon Ad Server increases creative flexibility and expands reporting insights.

Increase creative relevance

Embrace continuous, always-on messaging that combines branding and direct-response elements across all parts of the purchase funnel for more relevant, informative and high-impact ad experiences. Amazon Ad Server brings scale and efficiency to creative production, audience segmentation, and ad operations.

Maintain ownership and control of advertising campaign data

Amazon Ad Server enables customers to maintain ownership of their advertising campaign data and gain valuable insights with certain MRC-accredited metrics for campaign optimization and media planning.

Optimize for your audience

Bring together the scale of dynamic creatives with the depth and breadth of full campaign metrics to optimize creatives in real time. Use consumer journey and creative performance insights to inform longer-term adjustments to media and creative strategies.

Local support and service

Amazon Ad Server offers a customer service team dedicated to helping customers around the clock, operating across the globe and offering in-depth local media industry experience. We believe that no two customers operate the same way, and our team works with each advertiser to help make better decisions and achieve greater results with customized solutions.

How advertisers can use Amazon Ad Server

Amazon Ad Server customers creative control to engage audiences with relevant, impactful ads while centralizing cross-channel insights to aid in campaign optimization.

Creative tools and services

We provide the ability to create ads directly in Amazon Ad Server or in the development environment of your choice. Alternatively, leverage Amazon Ad Server’s team of design and development professionals when resources are limited.

Multichannel ad serving and tag management

Amazon Ad Server is the hub for creating, managing and serving display and video campaigns across desktop, mobile and connected TV. Measuring conversions and on-site engagement, as well as configuring third-party pixels, can be managed directly within Amazon Ad Server.

The power of dynamic creative optimization (DCO)

Amazon Ad Server enables advertisers to combine their own library of creative assets with their own first-party data to create thousands of customized ads across all channels to deliver the most relevant message at the best possible moment.

Advanced reporting capabilities

Easily monitor delivery and campaign performance with flexible, customized reporting for your team and clients. You can also gain insights for a full-funnel approach to advertising, looking at the impact of your advertising on both brand and performance, as well as helping you understand the consumer journey using path-to-conversion reports or self-service raw data feeds.

Recommended Amazon Ad Server courses and certifications


Learn which campaign management solutions you can leverage as part of your advertising strategy and understand how they relate to your specific goals. Learn how to customize your account, create a campaign, upload ads and make sure the right ad is served to the right audience at the right time.

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Better together

Simplified campaign management

Advertisers who buy media through Amazon DSP can reach and measure effectiveness of their campaigns across all audience types. Amazon Ad Server provides advertisers with greater control and flexibility over creative strategies and a simplified campaign management process when reaching audiences.

Through Amazon Ad Server’s integration with Amazon Attribution, advertisers in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain can gain access to aggregated reporting and audience insights that show sales and conversion metrics on and off Amazon.

A unique view of campaign data

Visual Analytics is a campaign visualization dashboard in Amazon Ad Server that enables advertisers to view essential campaign metrics for delivery, viewability, video and interactions. Compare the performance of multiple campaigns in the context of a single advertiser, or get a macro-level view across all of your accounts and advertisers.

How to get started with Amazon Ad Server

To learn more about Amazon Ad Server, get in touch with our sales team.

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Who can use Amazon Ad Server?

Amazon Ad Server is available globally to advertisers and agencies running digital campaigns. Our creative tools are available to those responsible for developing ads, and APIs and available data feeds are directly accessible to advertisers and their partners.

What is Sizmek Ad Suite?

Sizmek Ad Suite is the former name of Amazon Ad Server.

How does Amazon Ad Server help me create more relevant ads?

Amazon Ad Server’s DCO solution provides you with the ability to create thousands of ads, all customized to your specific audiences based on a variety of real-time signals. Any aspect of an ad can be dynamic, and driven by external inputs or configured manually. Dynamic creative ads have multiple options for controlling optimization, and offer version-level reporting and version-level control.

How does Amazon Ad Server help me engage audiences across screens?

We provide high-impact ad experiences on a variety of screens by offering adaptive and responsive ad units, and auto-transcoding for optimal video quality.

Which Amazon Ad Server metrics are MRC accredited?

Amazon Ad Server is certified for measurement and reporting of clicks, and of display, video and rich media served advertising impressions within desktop, mobile web and mobile in-application environments (excluding CTV/OTT environments); display and video viewable impressions and related metrics (desktop only); and the detection of general invalid traffic.