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How can Amazon Advertising fit into your skincare brand marketing strategy? Whether you’re seeking to drive brand awareness or conversion, learn about the advertising solutions that we can offer your business, on and off Amazon.

Let’s take a look at shopping for consumer packaged goods. Even though 95% of consumer packaged goods (CPG) purchases are made in brick-and-mortar stores, digital marketing is part of 77% of retail decisions.1 This helps demonstrate that shopping for CPG, including skincare products, is omnichannel, encompassing both online and offline touchpoints. What this means is that customers who are shopping in a store are likely to spend time online researching products, providing brands with a valuable opportunity to engage and inspire them through digital advertising.

With options for engaging shoppers both on and off Amazon, Amazon Advertising offers ad solutions that can help you execute your skincare brand marketing strategy.

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How Amazon Advertising can help drive your skincare marketing strategy

Amazon Advertising can help you extend your reach across the complete path to purchase, from brand discovery and consideration, to driving omnichannel reach and results, on Amazon and offline.

Reach skincare shoppers at scale

Based on a custom survey by Kantar, Amazon reaches 30% of skincare shoppers.2 And with 300+ million worldwide active customer accounts,3 we reach skincare shoppers at scale, even if they don’t engage with Amazon in the skincare category specifically.

Increase awareness of your brand and products

33% of skincare buyers that visit Amazon discover a new brand or product. For buyers who visit Amazon while in store, that audience increases to 40%.4

Measure results throughout the path to purchase

Amazon Advertising campaigns provide metrics ranging from impressions to detail page views and purchase rates, so you can track the performance of your advertising throughout the customer journey.

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3Amazon quarterly earnings release, Q1 2020. Active customer accounts represent accounts that have placed an order during the preceding 12-month period.
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Case study: The Honest Company

To accelerate the growth of its business, The Honest Company was looking for efficient ways to build brand awareness and drive sales.

How skincare brands can use Amazon Advertising

Match our advertising product options to your marketing goals.

Brand awareness

Help grow your brand through ad products such as OTT video ads, audio ads and Amazon DSP, with a focus on ads off Amazon or ads with link-out creative to your brand site. With this ad strategy, most of your impact will likely be observed in offline channels.

Brand advertising with online retail objectives

Drive impact both on Amazon and offline through ad products such as video and display ads through the Amazon DSP, with a focus on link-in creative back to Amazon.

Performance advertising

Drive impact on Amazon through ad products such as programmatic display, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, and during seasonal shopping events like Prime Day.


Our measurement solutions help you understand advertising’s impact on shopping activities across Amazon and on third-party sites and apps, helping you gain a holistic view of performance on Amazon or offline. You can leverage first-party insights to measure impact on Amazon across different touchpoints. To measure offline impact, you can leverage third-party reporting solutions that offer advertisers access to enhanced advertising insights, such as offline sales lift or brand lift.

Skincare industry insights

Staying on top of skincare consumer trends can help guide a successful advertising strategy. Our custom survey by Kantar uncovered insights into the shopper journey from 1,066 survey participants who purchased skincare products in the last month and are representative of the US female skincare buyer population.

Omnichannel shopping

Based on a custom survey, we learned that in-store skincare buyers that had an online touchpoint while in-store frequently visited Amazon,5 indicating that advertisers have a strong opportunity to build an omnichannel customer experience for their brand through Amazon Advertising.

Other skincare insights we learned6:

• The majority of skincare buyers, 88%,
purchase in-store.
• Just over half of in-store skincare buyers had an online touchpoint before they made a purchase.

The importance of online touchpoints

Skincare buyers gave these reasons for visiting online sites:

• Researching/learning more about products already considering (47%)
• Finding best product to meet needs (39%)
• Finding product with best deal/promotion (28%)

It’s clear that shopping for skincare products is omnichannel. In-store buyers engage with online touchpoints, and both online and in-store buyers engage with Amazon.

5Kantar, 2019, US.
6Kantar, 2019, US.

Skincare marketing resources

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Getting started

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