Manager account for sponsored ads and Amazon DSP

19 November 2020

What launched?

Advertisers worldwide now have a unified view of both sponsored ads and Amazon DSP advertising in a single dashboard.

Why is it important?

With a manager account, you have control to set up an account structure that reflects the entirety of your business with Amazon. After a one-time set-up, you can use manager account to navigate to your sponsored ads or Amazon DSP campaigns. This will allow you to monitor your overall performance, click on the account that needs your attention and make any necessary optimizations.


  • Overview: View and export performance and delivery metrics that span full-funnel ad-programs (sales, spend, orders, clicks, impressions, detail page views, purchase rate, ROAS etc.). in a CSV file.
  • Improved navigation: Easily navigate between your sponsored ads and display campaigns. With a new account switcher, use a single login to switch tasks between different types of campaigns.
  • User and access management: Now, you can give users access to a subset of accounts by grouping the advertisers in a manager account. So, if you are an agency, you can create a manager account on behalf of advertisers and give them access to performance metrics.

To get started, sign in to the advertising console with your existing credentials. Create your manager account by choosing a name, selecting the account type and linking your accounts. For more information, please visit the Amazon DSP Support Center, advertising console Support Centre or download a quick start guide.



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