Amazon Ads now enables brands to programmatically run ads on physical store digital signage through Amazon DSP

26 October 2022

What launched?

Amazon Ads is enabling a new inventory opportunity for brands to create campaigns on Amazon DSP to run in physical store digital signage, allowing customers to view or engage with a brand in a physical environment, at the time of purchase. While physical store signage has historically been accessed through sponsorships, this is the first time brands can promote products programmatically in Amazon’s physical stores.

Amazon Ads offers an impression report and sales lift analysis for Amazon Fresh stores to help brands optimize campaigns.

Why is it important?

Today, a select group of brands run ads in store throughout the year. With Digital Signage Ads, customers will see a wider variety of ads, and through programmatic, more relevant ads. This will translate into more brand discoveries and enhance the overall customer experience.

Here’s an example of Digital Signage Ads

Coming soon: Integration with Amazon Go stores

Where do I access it?

  • Amazon DSP

Who can use it?

  • Managed service

Where is it available?

North America
  • US

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