Media viewer banner

Banner unit


As the user swipes through an image gallery, they will be served with a Banner Unit to the bottom of the screen.
Dimensions: 640 x 100 (will display 320 x 50 on desktop)
Restrictions: Supports one call to action and click through link to a landing page.

Banner examples

Banner examples
Banner examples

    Production specifications

    Serving: First party only
    Core dimensions: 640 x 100 (will display 320 x 50 on desktop)
    File Weight of Backup Image: 40 kb
    Supported Devices: Desktop and mobile
    Supported Date Messaging: Up to five unique date messages

Production timeline

IMDb ad production timelines account for the number of working days it will take to produce an ad unit. Ad production timelines include all typical phases of an ad life cycle such as booking, design, trafficking and testing. Timelines vary depending on who is responsible for designing the ad unit.

  • All timelines begin when design assets are received and approved by IMDb.
  • All timelines end when the ad unit is live on IMDb properties.
Client-built timelineTwo working days
IMDb-built timelineFive working days

Asset deliverables

Each ad execution has unique requirements necessary to produce the individual unit. Failure to provide assets in compliance with the guidelines and technical specifications will affect launch dates.

Client designed
  • Final designed IMDb phone banner PSD template
  • Include all message, date and CTA changes within separate layers in the PSD
  • Fonts in .otf or .ttf format
  • Messaging, CTA and date schedule
  • Click-through link
IMDb Designed
  • High-resolution layered key art PSDs
  • Layered title treatment (with tagline and cast names if you want included)
  • Advertising copy
  • Legal line, logos, rating bugs
  • Fonts in .otf or .ttf format
  • Messaging, CTA and date schedule
  • Design direction and/or pre-existing ad units for reference
  • Brand guidelines
  • Click-through link