Alexa Home Screen guidelines and acceptance policies


1.0 Overview
2.0 Entertainment ads

1.0 Overview

All advertising content on Alexa Home Screen must be appropriate for a general audience and must comply with all laws, rules and regulations that apply to the advertiser, the advertising content and the location in which the advertisements appear. Alexa Home Screen ads must adhere to the existing Amazon Ads guidelines and acceptance policies.

2.0 Entertainment ads

Entertainment ads for content approved by content rating bodies as appropriate for adult audiences are acceptable; however:

  • The content in the creative must be appropriate for all audiences.
  • The creative must include the content rating (e.g. TV-14) if leading directly to a video.
  • We highly recommend including the content rating for all media rated as appropriate for audience categories aged 12/13 or older.

3.0 Ad content acceptability

3.1 Adult content

We prohibit mature, sensitive and controversial advertising content. Echo devices are commonly found in living or family room areas and in the presence of children. All ads must be appropriate for all audiences.

We prohibit ads for movies or shows, even if the image or ad creative is safe, if the movie or show includes pornography, soft pornography, erotica, adult dating and hook up or sexual content, shows about escort services and prostitution, and other similarly adult themes.

Red-band or age-gated products, movies rated NC-17 or the local equivalent, video games rated AO (Adults only) or the local country equivalent are prohibited.

3.2 Alcohol, drugs and tobacco

Advertising for shows that encourage, promote, or glorify drinking, smoking, depict excessive consumption, the use of illicit drugs, abuse of legal drugs, focus on addiction or discourage abstinence or sobriety are prohibited. This includes imagery that focuses on the use of these products.

3.3 Hate and intolerance

We prohibit all forms of hate and intolerance, including the use of associated symbols. This includes threatening, abusive or harassing content, or content that advocates or discriminates against a protected group (whether based on race, colour, national origin, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age or any similar category)

We prohibit creative featuring symbols associated with controversial organizations, hate groups or political movements. For example, swastikas or imagery related to organizations with racist ideologies, such as the Ku Klux Klan.

3.4 Minors

Content or depictions of minors (or people who appear to be minors) in peril or in other adult, dangerous, or sexual situations are prohibited. For example:

  • In adult or provocative clothing
  • In adult situations or engaging in illegal activity, including, but not limited to: around or handling firearms or other weapons, close to explosions, drinking alcohol, consuming drugs or smoking
  • In situations which may contravene established child safety best practices (such as children in vehicles without their seat belts fastened or cycling without helmets)
  • Without adult supervision in places or situations where they cannot safely look after themselves (such as swimming pools, crossing busy roads or around dangerous equipment)

3.5 Politics

  • We prohibit political advertising such as campaigns for or against a politician, political party or related to an election. Content related to political issues of public debate is also prohibited.
  • We prohibit ad content about or related to sensitive events such as natural disasters, human-caused disasters, incidents of mass trauma or the death of public figures.
  • Fictional shows about politics are permitted.
  • Non-fiction shows about politics in general, history, and political science and current or historical political commentary from an objective, academic or bipartisan standpoint are permitted.

3.6 Religion

  • We prohibit ad content that promotes or advocates for, or that demeans or disparages, any religion.
  • Shows that are about more than one religion, or religion or spirituality in general, are permitted.
  • Fictional shows with religious themes, or that refer to religion, are permitted.

3.7 Sexual orientation (LGBTQ+)

We prohibit the following:

  • Titles that claim sexual identity is a mental or psychological disorder.
  • Titles that promote curing, reversing or treating sexuality.
  • Titles that encourage hate or intolerance towards members of the LGBTQ+ community.

3.8 Weight loss

  • Ads for general health and wellness are permitted.
  • Ads for shows that are primarily about weight loss are prohibited.

3.9 Other inappropriate content

We prohibit mature, sensitive and controversial content.

3.10 Bare skin and nudity; provocative poses

Echo devices are commonly found in living or family room areas and in the presence of children, therefore all ads must be safe for all audiences.

Ads must not show fully visible intimate body parts: genitals, female breasts and/or buttocks.

Ads must not feature sexually provocative images and references, including, but not limited to:

  • People in poses emulating a sexual position or alluding to sexual activity, whether they are clothed or unclothed.
  • Sexually suggestive poses such as the parting of the legs or accentuation of the hip along with amorous or sexually passionate facial expressions.
  • Poses such as hands on the hips, or gripping of hair, in conjunction with a sexually suggestive facial expression.
  • Drawing undue attention to body parts, such as breasts or buttocks, in a sexual way (for example, exposure of breasts or excessive focus on the cleavage).
  • Facial or bodily expression indicative of an orgasm.
  • Suggestive undressing, such as pulling down a bra strap or underwear.
  • Models in erotic lingerie such as stockings, suspenders or paraphernalia such as whips and chains.
  • Sexual innuendo in text or image.

3.11 Violence, blood, gore and other scary content

Minor traces of blood in context and without additional elements of violence or gore (such as dismemberment) are permitted.

We prohibit ads that contain:

  • Excessively scary images, violence, brutality or gore – for example, scenes of torture, mutilation or dismemberment, graphic depictions of cadavers or characters that have open wounds, excessive bleeding, or who are being attacked with weapons.
  • Overt references to, or images implying or depicting rape and sexual molestation, are prohibited.

3.12 Weapons

Depictions of realistic firearms are permitted providing that they are not:

  • Pointed directly at a character in a threatening way
  • Shown aiming at another person through a scope or sight
  • Directed toward the customer
  • Shown as firing or having been used (for example, bullets visibly exiting the weapon, smoke or other residue shown around the barrel)
  • Handled by a minor

We permit non-violent depictions of unrealistic firearms or fantasy weapons, including fantasy/Sci-Fi firearms such as ray-guns and phasers.

4.0 Copy acceptability

4.1 Casing

  • Random capitalization must never be used in the title and mini-details description.
  • We permit title casing only when referring to the show or to proper names, whether in the product title or the mini details.
  • All-caps copy may only be used in the mini-details title when used for acronyms (e.g. “USA”) or where relevant to the show title (e.g. “The Secret of NIMH”).

4.2 Claims

Claims in the image (such as “includes bonus features” or “extended cut”), must correspond to the messaging or description.

4.3 Grammar and punctuation

Ads must be grammatically correct and without exclamation marks in the product title, unless this is part of the title treatment.

4.4 Language

Ads must be in the primary language of the locale in which they are displayed.

4.5 Legibility

The show title must always be legible.

4.6 Personalized copy

We prohibit ad copy that uses personalized language (such as “you/your”) which may be inaccurately perceived by a customer as if the ad is addressing him/her directly.

4.7 Profanity and foul language

We prohibit foul, vulgar or obscene language or language containing profanity, including obscured profanity (such as s@#t or WTF), graphic or suggestive language or double entendres or scatological references.

4.8 Emotionally charged or depressing copy

We prohibit emotionally charged or depressing copy.