Category Insights: Demand for wireless tech continues

By: Francesco Maria Pio Rugna, Analytics and Media Manager, and Ashton Brown, Technical Writer

Each year, Amazon researchers analyze customer shopping trends at the category level to discover actionable insights that advertisers can use to inform their marketing strategies.

Story highlights:

Over the past year, people have come to rely more on technology than in previous years. We see evidence of this on technology continue on (Italy). Looking at the insights, we have observed that customers are exhibiting three behaviours, which we explore in greater detail in this article:

  • Customers are narrowing their shopping preference to top wireless phones brands.
  • 48% of Wireless Phones customers also purchase products from other categories on
  • 12-15 per cent of new-to-category customers enter the Wireless Phones category during November and December

In this article, we explore the customer shopping behaviours within the Wireless Phones category, to achieve this, we provide analysis of the customer shopping behaviours from September 2020 to August 2021 within the Wireless vertical on Using the Wireless Phones category as a baseline, we analyzed the year-over-year growth rate within the category as well as how Wireless Phones compares to peer categories (Wireless Accessories, Wearables, Wireless Bluetooth and Car Electronics).

1. Wireless phones continue drawing the highest customer demand, while peer categories grew sales year-over-year

At the time of our analysis, Wireless Phones is the largest category in the Wireless vertical in terms of sales. While Wireless Phones sales remain high, some of the other categories have accelerated their growth. For example, one category that has experienced a faster sales growth rate is the Wearables category, which had the highest sales growth rank within the Wireless vertical.

Wearables category performance from September 2020 to August 2021 on

No. 1

Sales rank amongst Wireless categories


Sales growth rank amongst Wireless categories


Slower sales growth than other categories within the Wireless vertical

2. Top brands are becoming more attractive to customers

When thinking about brand awareness, it’s important to understand how top brands (based on year-over-year sales revenue) compare with the remainder of brands. Over the period analyzed, top Wireless Phones brands have gained sales share over the remainder of brands, wherever they spend time.

3. 48% of Wireless Phones customers also purchase products from other categories on

Customers shopping within the Wireless category have significant purchase overlap in other categories on Roughly 48% of new shoppers of Wireless Phones purchase products in other categories (inside and outside of the Wireless category) prior to purchasing Wireless Phones. Comparatively, cross-category purchases typically average 70%, which may mean that the market is still maturing.

Percentage of new-to-category customers who made a purchase in other categories on before entering Wireless Phones


4. Wearables customers tend to enter the category during Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Our analysis finds that between 12% and 15% of Wireless Phones customers enter the category (make their first calendar-year purchase) in November and December, which is approximately 2X higher than any other point in the year, on average. With high seasonality being a trait of the category, advertisers may want to consider creating ad campaigns that establish brand awareness during non-peak seasons, which can help create a stronger performance in the peak purchasing season.

Advertisers can extend customer reach and improve brand awareness by running always-on campaigns, which could help customers find the products they need.

Percentage of customers that enter the Wireless Phones category during November and December