A UK broadband company drives awareness and sales of their seasonal offers

A telco company was looking to increase awareness and acquire new customers for their seasonal broadband offers

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a leading UK broadband company wanted to help raise awareness of their special seasonal broadband/TV bundle deals by finding ways to engage and incentivize new customers. This can be a challenge in the competitive UK telco landscape, where customers have a choice of several Internet service providers (ISP).

The brand implemented a full-journey campaign to engage relevant audiences

The broadband company created a campaign strategy based on unique Amazon Ads insights to reach key audiences, including customers with a high affinity for electronics products, streaming, gaming and deal seeking.

Then, the brand implemented a full-journey campaign across IMDb, Amazon and Fire tablet. The creative strategy included high-impact formats such as IMDb billboards and Fire tablet wake screens to raise awareness of the seasonal broadband/TV bundles deals. Over the same period, the brand maintained an always-on campaign using Amazon DSP to help drive conversions.

The campaign exceeded the company’s expectations in terms of both awareness and conversions

The brand saw an ad-attributed increase of 36%1 in weekly orders during the campaign compared to the previous six weeks of Amazon DSP activities with no upper-funnel support. They also measured a 29%2 reduction of cost per acquisition (CPA) during the campaign period. Last but not least, Kantar norms measured an increase of 6.8%3 in unaided awareness during the campaign, 200% higher than the telco category benchmark.

1 Amazon internal data, November 2019
2 Amazon internal data, November 2019
3 Kantar norms, November 2019