Samsung finds growth with Channel Bakers’ full-funnel strategy

Samsung finds a partner to help achieve its Amazon Advertising goals

Samsung follows a simple business philosophy: to devote its talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society. The brand offers its products on Amazon across multiple countries. Samsung has an established Amazon presence and has partnered with Channel Bakers, a managed-service provider, since 2017. Channel Bakers is a managed-service provider that specializes in helping brands grow their Amazon presence by developing outcome-driven Amazon Advertising strategies.

Samsung tasks Channel Bakers with driving awareness, sales and increased efficiency

In Q1 2019, Samsung sought to elevate the performance of its computer monitor sales on Amazon. The monitor category offers a wide range of brand options for Amazon shoppers. Bidding on category-level keywords could help shoppers discover Samsung’s monitors and were vital to campaign strategy. Samsung looked to Channel Bakers to help develop a full-funnel Amazon Advertising strategy using solutions to help drive awareness, sales and increased efficiency of its advertising investment.

Channel Bakers implements a cross-product solution to deliver improvement

Channel Bakers developed a “Better Together” approach to the brand’s sponsored ads strategy and used a wide range of Amazon Advertising solutions to help drive performance of Samsung’s monitors. Below is a breakdown of how the full-funnel marketing strategy was implemented:

  • Stores: Within Samsung’s Store on Amazon, Channel Bakers worked to create a deeper brand shopping experience on the monitor’s sub-page by including lifestyle imagery and video content. Organizing the brand’s monitor offerings within the Store by classifications such as “UHD”, “Curved” and “Gaming” also served to help shoppers discover the range of options that Samsung offered for different needs. The monitor sub-page also provided an opportunity to elevate some of the larger-screen monitors in the 34'' and 49'' categories.
  • Sponsored Brands: Channel Bakers used Sponsored Brands ads to showcase a variety of Samsung monitors with a focus on key branded and category keywords. The ability to showcase three products within each ad presented a great way to help drive visibility of multiple prioritized products. Creating customized brand copy, Samsung communicated key feature- and benefit-based messaging. Channel Bakers also developed creative that featured multiple Samsung monitor models at a specified screen size, helping drive awareness on different product options. Channel Bakers also used the performance of these monitor size groupings to help drive optimizations and inform Samsung regarding which monitor sizes to focus on within Sponsored Products campaigns.
  • Sponsored Products: Samsung and Channel Bakers focused on Sponsored Products to help increase sales, with a strategy that mirrored Sponsored Brands. By building single product-focused campaigns, Channel Bakers was able to have a view of sales performance to help inform regarding which products would benefit from increased budget allocation.
  • Sponsored Display: Samsung and Channel Bakers used Sponsored Display to help drive cross-promotion on Samsung’s product detail pages, and help shoppers explore options and discover the full range of Samsung monitors while they were already engaging with the brand.
  • Amazon DSP: Samsung began using the self-service Amazon DSP in Q2 of 2019 through Channel Bakers and was able to supplement its existing sponsored ads strategy. This also helped mitigate increasing bid costs on key awareness shopping terms within the monitor category. Through Amazon DSP they could remarket to audiences who had previously engaged with the brand, as well as reach new relevant audiences at an efficient cost.
  • Amazon Advertising API: With its integration with the Amazon Advertising API, Channel Bakers is able to create reporting and deliver campaign insights to Samsung. The Amazon Advertising API also allows for visibility into metrics such as “other ASINs” (similar products not associated with the campaign) that help understand the brand halo effect and indicate relevance beyond the products currently being advertised. These types of insights help inform future campaigns.

Channel Bakers helps Samsung find sustained performance and impactful results

Each component of Channel Bakers’ strategy contributed to driving meaningful results for Samsung’s monitor business in 2019.

  • Full-funnel approach helps to drive early results: Samsung noticed a lift in overall revenue attributed to advertising for monitors in just the first month of running Amazon DSP campaigns in addition to their sponsored ads in mid-2019. One month after launch, the sales revenue attributed to advertising for Samsung monitors on Amazon increased by 16.6%, and glance views increased by 14.4%.
  • Sustained performance: Channel Bakers was able to help Samsung drive business results, delivering a 54.7% YoY (year-over-year) increase in total sales revenue attributed to advertising on Amazon for their monitors in 2019, and an 18.8% increase in glance views YoY.
quoteUpImplementing a “Better Together” approach with sponsored ads, in addition to supplementing our existing strategy with Amazon DSP, has helped Samsung monitors grow to new heights. From reaching new audiences off Amazon to re-engaging shoppers who viewed Samsung’s monitor product detail pages, we have grown our opportunity to find improvement and streamline the sales funnel.quoteDown
– Ryan Tam, Strategic Account Executive, Channel Bakers

Samsung was excited by the results from their strategic shift in 2019 and credits Channel Bakers’ approach to finding a comprehensive way to continue driving their business forward.

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