Smart notebook company Rocketbook scales business with the help of Ad Badger, an Amazon tool provider

The company

Founded in 2014, Rocketbook first began as an idea to help bridge the gap between traditional analogue note-taking and the power of the digital landscape. The company has since evolved into developing an extensive line of reusable smart note-taking products with innovative features such as the Rocketbook app, which allows users to instantly scan and connect handwritten notes to the cloud.

The partnership: Agency + automation platform

Although Rocketbook had been advertising successfully on Amazon since 2017, it wanted to scale and grow its customer base while continuing to maintain a target ACOS (advertising cost of sales). The smart notebook company turned to Ad Badger, an Amazon PPC automation tool provider based in Austin, Texas, to help manage its campaigns in the most cost- and time-efficient way possible.

quoteUpIn order to scale our business, we knew that we needed support in management of our campaigns and bid optimization. Partnering with Ad Badger has enabled us to manage and improve our campaign performance straightaway.quoteDown
– Preston Oliver, Rocketbook, Head of Marketing

The solution: Brand + agency + automation platform

To start, Ad Badger reviewed Rocketbook’s search term reports and implemented what they call a “Research-Peel-Stick-Block” (RPSB) method. This four-step keyword research process relies on continuously discovering and optimizing keywords in order to graduate them to high-performing buckets with larger budgets. It begins with conducting keyword research using automatic campaigns. After researching and scanning through search term reports, separate and “peel” the higher-performing keywords from those that do not receive any conversions. Then “stick” and target them as exact match keywords in a new manual campaign. By doing so, each individual keyword can now be set at an optimized bid price based on performance. To avoid competition between campaigns, “block” these keywords from appearing in the original automatic campaigns by tagging them as negative exact match keywords.

Ad Badger’s automated bid management tool, enabled through the Amazon Ads API, relied on the RPSB method to optimize each of Rocketbook’s keyword bids for maximum visibility. Ad Badger also deployed its predictive bid algorithm to help Rocketbook scale its bidding strategy while hitting its target goals.

quoteUpUsing the programmatic capabilities through the Amazon Ads API has allowed us to build a robust tool. Through automation and customization, our software has helped Amazon sellers including Rocketbook save time and effectively improve their campaigns.quoteDown
– Michael Erickson Facchin, CEO, Ad Badger

In addition to driving increased sales, Ad Badger tested a unified strategy to increase brand awareness, launching campaigns across Sponsored Brands and Stores. Ad Badger optimized its Sponsored Brands campaign with relevant headlines and strong imagery, resulting in top of search placements that helped drive brand awareness by maximizing on-screen real estate. Simultaneously, the tool provider launched the Rocketbook Store to drive traffic and showcase the brand’s full line of products.

The result

Since partnering with Ad Badger, Rocketbook has generated over 129MM impressions, seen a 73% increase in sales attributed to advertising, and maintained an 11% ACOS.

quoteUpSince partnering with Ad Badger, Rocketbook has generated over 129 million impressions over the course of eight months and has seen a 73% increase in sales attributed to advertising compared to 2018. Rocketbook has also maintained an 11% ACOS, which falls in line with our main campaign goals.quoteDown
– Preston Oliver, Rocketbook, Head of Marketing