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Revive boosts leading health brand’s media spending efficiency with AMC Audiences

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A reputable health brand that is focused on cutting-edge functional nutrition and life sciences developed science-backed products that they wanted to promote online. The brand’s products are designed to support heart health, brain function, endurance, energy and other essential aspects of a healthy lifestyle. With a presence in the Amazon store, the brand partnered with Revive to implement a multifaceted advertising approach across the funnel. This strategy involved using Sponsored Products, display ads and the latest addition of Streaming TV ads to maximize their advertising impact.

To help this brand thrive amid economic uncertainty, Revive wanted to optimize their digital media budgets through Amazon DSP and sponsored ads. While continuing to employ a multichannel media strategy, Revive also wanted to reduce customer acquisition costs as the brand expanded audience reach. Recognizing that relevance is key to efficient media spending, Revive utilized Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) Audiences to craft custom audiences, optimizing engagement throughout the entire purchase journey.

Building custom audiences for lower-funnel conversion and upper-funnel engagement

To improve campaign performance, Revive first created custom audiences consisting of customers who added products to their cart during seasonal events but didn’t complete the purchase on the brand’s site or Amazon store. With these high-intent customer groups in mind, the agency launched a national campaign on Amazon DSP to increase conversions.

Additionally, Revive built audiences of customers who were either exposed to a single ad type, had fewer than three total exposures, or didn’t click on ads despite exposure. The brand reached these audiences in campaigns aimed at increasing brand awareness and favourability at the top of the funnel and guiding prospects toward conversion.

Observing performance lift across purchase funnel

Using AMC Audiences, the conversion-focused campaign achieved a return on ad spend that was 60% higher than the brand’s benchmark, while the upper-funnel campaign attained a 50% reduction in the cost per product detail page visit when compared to brand’s equivalent campaigns in the past.1

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quoteUpWhile we have always been fans of all the analytics and insights AMC provides, we believe the real value stands in how partners and advertisers action on those insights. With AMC Audiences, we now can build audience solutions that enable our clients to seamlessly put their AMC insights into action via custom optimizations.quoteDown
– Nolan Gallagher, head of product, Revive

1 Source: Revive, United States, 2023.