Philips drove consideration for its air purifiers through Amazon DSP in India

Philips Domestic Appliances is a global leader in kitchen appliances, coffee, garment care, and home care appliances, with successful products such as the  Airfryer, Perfect Care Steam Generators and SpeedPro Max Aqua vacuum cleaner, and many more that are used by millions of people every day across the world. Philips Air Purifiers improve the quality of indoor air by removing pollutants such as particles, allergens, harmful gases and bacteria. Philips Domestic Appliances' marketing team worked with Amazon Ads to reach relevant customers across specific geographies in India for promoting air purifier products.

Reaching audiences looking for air purifiers

Philips Domestic Appliances used Amazon DSP to run display ads on offsite ad-inventory across sites and apps to reach relevant consumers. In addition to the core in-market air purifier audiences, the brand also experimented with affinity audiences like pet owners, new parents, and audiences looking for medical/respiratory devices, etc. The creatives emphasized the brand’s top-ranking products in the category while also calling out product discounts. Audiences were directed to a Store page on Amazon featuring key air purifier SKUs.

Improving share of detail page views

The campaign drove a 6% increase in the share of detail page views and a 32% sales uplift for Philips air purifier products.

“This year we worked with Amazon Ads to help reach relevant audiences, with the intent reaching new audiences on Along with the DSP team, this campaign was designed for focused geographies to reach relevant segments like pet owners. Through regular monitoring, the campaign was optimized by the team, including creative change recommendations, which led to overall goal achievement of the campaign. This campaign helped us drive traffic to our brand store page and delivered over and above the ROAS (return on ad spend) goal.”

– Dipanjan Chakraborty, Marketing Director, Philips Domestic Appliances

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