Case study

Oceanwing helps health care brand achieve breakthrough growth through omnichannel strategies

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Founded in the United States in 2013, a brand specializing in nutritional healthcare products successfully gained a foothold in the global market with the help from their partnership with Oceanwing, which began in 2020. During the peak season in Q1 2022, the brand was looking to further increase their brand growth in North America with Oceanwing’s help.

Oceanwing is a full-funnel service provider of commerce solutions and an operating subsidiary of Anker Innovations. Through omnichannel marketing strategies, they help advertisers use Amazon Ads to conduct operations, drive more traffic, expand product exposure and increase conversion rates. With the assistance of Oceanwing, the brand was on their way to reaching their growth goals, but not without its challenges.

Challenge 1: Increase traffic

By purchasing share of voice (SOV) packages in the Amazon store, Oceanwing could help increase the brands exposure and boost ad-attributed product sales in a short period of time. In order for the brand to get more exposure on Deal of the Day (DOTD), Oceanwing decided to buy DOTD’s desktop homepage SOV. In parallel, Oceanwing implemented tactics for their Amazon DSP display ads promotional information, product selection and landing page settings by accomplishing the following:

  • They used the most straight forward but effective copy, e.g. “XX% discount on XX products on XX day”, which directly showed the DOTD limited-time discount
  • Oceanwing co-showcased the brand’s top-selling products with its newer products to increase the number of clicks while increasing awareness of newly added ASINs
  • They customized a special page in their brand’s Store as the landing page of the banner ads

Additionally, Oceanwing used Amazon DSP to help boost traffic for the brand’s products during both the lead-up period and the day of the promotion. During the lead-up period, Oceanwing used the audience segment report to customize advertising creative materials based on the characteristics of each group of customers to increase the appeal of the ads. One week before DOTD began, Oceanwing selected highly relevant audiences for the brand both in and outside the Amazon store through the analysis of the Amazon DSP overlap report and collaboration with third-party insight providers. This helped them cover a wide range of accurate traffic during the peak promotional period. The agency also helped the brand adjust their budget distribution in a timely manner according to the performance of different device types and audience segments.

Challenge 2: Drive conversion rates

1. Apply old with new model to help increase ad-attributed sales

Best-selling products with high conversion rates are typically the main contributors to sales in promotional activities, but peak promotional periods can also effectively help to drive ad-attributed sales of new products. When selecting products for banner ads and landing pages, the brand has adopted an old with new model. As a result, the brand’s best-selling products contributed more than half of the ad-attributed sales, and the ad-attributed sales of new products increased 5X during DOTD.1

2. Use views remarketing to increase conversion rates

The agency generated a user customer conversion path report by using Amazon Marketing Cloud. The report showed that remarketing tactics could help increase conversion rate by 42X. Oceanwing then used the remarketing tactic to reach audiences who browsed the brand’s product detail page (PDP), PDPs similar to ASINs promoted by the brand, or products in the same subcategory that were not purchased; ultimately helping to increase the conversion rate.

3. Improve advertising efficiency

During the campaign period, Oceanwing used their proprietary tool to perform campaign optimizations. With metrics from the many time zones in both the US and China, their software helped continuously monitor and optimize advertisements. The system also adjusted the budget in near real time based on the performance of different ad placement, improving the brand's advertising efficiency during the promotional period.

Pie charts showing ROAS increase

Oceanwing, China, 2023.

Final results

By creating an omnichannel marketing strategy around DOTD, using remarketing tactics, purchasing SOV traffic packages and Amazon DSP ads, the brand successfully achieved a 70% increase in DOTD ad-attributed sales in February 2022 compared to January 2022, a 217% increase in Amazon DSP ad conversion rate and a 109% increase in return on ad spend.2

1–2 Source: Oceanwing, China, 2023.