Nokia increased conversions and ROAS with a full-funnel strategy on

Nokia is a global telecommunications company that innovates across mobile, fixed and cloud networks. In 2017, Nokia relaunched in India with the iconic 3310 model. Since then, Nokia has grown their smartphone portfolio to include multiple offerings at various price points.

Due to frequent launches from various brands, smartphones in the mid-price range face high competition. In September 2020, Nokia wanted to increase brand awareness for their 5.3 series on Amazon before Diwali, a pre-festive period in India. The brand sought to reach consumers who were primarily looking for a smartphone replacement.

For this campaign, Nokia decided to focus on communicating the 5.3 series’ functional capabilities to differentiate the phone from other brands.

In the first phase of the campaign, Nokia drove awareness. They leveraged display ads on, which featured a “Notify me” call to action. The “Notify me” button on is for customers to explicitly express their interest in receiving timely updates and information about an event, promotion, product or service.

In the next phase, Amazon’s programmatic solution, Amazon DSP, enabled Nokia to reach in-market customers at various points along their product research and shopping journeys. Nokia used insights related to purchase intent and shopping patterns to identify the following consumer cohorts:

  • In-market smartphone shoppers in the mid-price range
  • Nokia smartphone browsers
  • Consumers who displayed interest in the first phase of the campaign (“Notify me”)

To reach consumers who were searching for smartphones, Nokia used sponsored ad campaigns to maintain visibility on, leveraging branded keywords and category keywords.

Achieving lifts in conversions and ROAS

With this campaign, Nokia phones saw a 19% improvement in conversions and a 77% improvement in return on ad spend (ROAS), versus their 2019 campaigns.

Q3 2020 saw a huge pent-up demand for smartphones, which for us meant that consumer decision journeys would be more cluttered and shorter. With more and more consumers now initiating product searches on online, we built a full-funnel strategy on Amazon to help reach in-market audiences – right from awareness to consideration to purchase to advocate. The campaigns delivered a ROAS of 30x, much to our delight.

– Kriti Arneja, Digital Marketing Manager, HMD Mobile India Private Limited

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