Case study

Marshall Associates helps Time Timer gain two million new-to-brand views with creative ad types

A salt and pepper shaker on a kitchen counter with timer

A manufacturer in visual timers for education, at home, and in the office, Time Timer has been selling and advertising their products in the Amazon store since 2018. In June 2022, they partnered with Marshall Associates, an agency that helps brands navigate the retail landscape, from in-house creative to account management and advertising.

Time Timer found value in Marshall Associates’ hands-on approach of going above and beyond when managing ad spend. This plan included actionable next steps to help Time Timer find strategic opportunities and ways to better manage budgets. The agency also identified an ad strategy that used Time Timer’s abundance of existing high-quality creative and lifestyle imagery.

Timer ad on Amazon with science experiment

Time Timer Sponsored Brands campaign

The strategy

Marshall Associates first identified that Time Timer’s brand and lifestyle imagery covered specific use cases for the product that would be beneficial to highlight, such as classroom project timing, hand-washing and task management for people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Marshall Associates applied these use cases to refine keyword targeting to better find customers shopping for products that served those needs.

Marshall Associates used a cross-product strategy including Sponsored Products, Amazon DSP, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Brands video. The agency also used Brand Registry completion to tell Time Timer’s powerful brand story and mission.

In addition, Marshall Associates consistently linked the Time Timer Store to their Sponsored Brands campaigns, allowing them to help shoppers engaging with the ad to explore the brand journey and learn more. The agency had a goal to use the Store landing page to provide a shoppable storefront that provided a direct path to purchase. To accomplish this, they performed A/B tests for different landing pages with Sponsored Brands ad groups and kept the landing page that most engaged shoppers.

Prior to this campaign, Time Timer had never used Amazon DSP. In combination with Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Brands video, Amazon DSP brought scalability and expanded reach to interested customers. Utilizing key reports in the Amazon DSP and remarketing capabilities, Time Timer was able to re-engage with shoppers.

quoteUpUtilizing refined keyword strategies and leveraging the branding ad types within the Amazon Ads suite will pay dividends to your growth on the Amazon store.quoteDown
– Kelly Gerrard, director of e-commerce marketing, Marshall Associates

The results

In 2022, in just two months, the Marshall Associates campaign drove positive results for Time Timer’s suite of products. Their in-market Amazon DSP campaign helped Time Timer gain two million additional new-to-brand views, a 131% increase in product detail page views for promoted ASINs, and a 115% increase in orders placed.1 Through their sponsored ads strategy, which included Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Brands video, Time Timer observed a 90% ad-attributed sales growth for the campaign period and a 12% increase in new-to-brand sales.2

quoteUpThere are a lot of tools out there that can run the numbers. Make sure to partner with an agency that provides rock-solid and insightful, actionable analysis... that delivers results.quoteDown
– Heather Rogers, co-president, Time Timer

1–2 Source: Marshall Associates, United States, 2022.