Luvlap secures higher share in a category dominated by key players

The baby care category, which includes essential products such as baby wipes, prams and rockers, is crowded with a few big players on one end and numerous smaller players on the other end. For Luvlap to gain visibility and product discoverability was a challenge, which they addressed by using Amazon Ads’ sponsored ads. Amazon Ads currently contributes to one out of four units being sold for Luvlap on

Higher number of relevant shoppers reached

The baby care category is a niche category, and one of LuvLap’s primary marketing objectives was to reach more relevant shoppers. They created strong Sponsored Brands campaigns, which got them instant visibility, and targeted Product Display Ads* that got their products visibility from highly relevant shoppers. This led to an exponential increase in their overall reach, with their sponsored ads getting viewed 220MM+ times in 2016 alone.

Visibility of product based on the shopper’s interest

To instantly increase visibility of both old and newly launched products, LuvLap created Sponsored Products ads, which included images and described price points and features that matched targeted shoppers’ product requirements. Not only did they get attention from relevant shoppers for these products – with 1500% growth in impressions from the first to the fourth quarter – but they also encouraged clicks and conversions.

Amazon Ads helped Luvlap in higher clicks as well as higher conversions

LuvLap was pitted against the big category players with established brand names, both on and off Amazon. With such strong competition, Amazon Ads’ ads helped to increase purchase consideration for LuvLap products, resulting in their ad-attributed sales accounting for 25% of overall sales on Amazon.

*Product Display Ads audience and product targeting features are now accessed within Sponsored Display.


  • 18X ROI (return on investment)
  • 5X growth in sales
  • 1500% growth in impressions from first quarter to fourth quarter
  • Nearly a quarter-million ad clicks in a single quarter