Labelium helps Lexmark reach new customers with Sponsored Brands

With 30 years in imaging and document services, Lexmark has seen new technologies change printing, scanning, photocopying and general document handling in the business world. Lexmark continues with a mission to stay at the forefront of these needs for businesses worldwide.

Starting in October 2019, Lexmark worked with digital performance marketing agency Labelium to improve its branding and sales performance on Amazon. With clients worldwide, Labelium has focused on e-commerce and e-retail strategies since 2001.

Optimizing Stores and sponsored ads

When Lexmark first approached Labelium, it was with a focus on the brand’s “GO Line” of professional imaging and document products. Following an initial audit of Lexmark’s retail readiness, Labelium worked with Lexmark to optimize its Store and product detail page content, before implementing new Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands ad strategies. Labelium used the insights from Lexmark’s Amazon Brand Analytics for this audit.

Sponsored Brands campaigns were key to Labelium’s strategy with Lexmark. With Lexmark’s recommendations on the three hero products to feature in Sponsored Brands ads, Labelium used A/B testing and product-level insights from Sponsored Products campaigns in order to optimize Sponsored Brands for click-through rate (CTR). As Lexmark’s visibility was lower than its peers, Sponsored Brands helped to include Lexmark products in the awareness and consideration stages of customer journeys.

Engaging with Sponsored Brands video

Labelium’s Sponsored Brands strategy further encompassed Sponsored Brands video, a Sponsored Brands ad format.

“[Sponsored Brands video] has allowed us to tap into the power of Lexmark’s product videos and leverage our data from other sources,” says Chris Apostle, EVP and Managing Director, Labelium E-Retail. “[V]ideo ads are more compelling and users are more likely to engage versus traditional static product images.”
Using Sponsored Brands video, Labelium worked to create opportunities for shoppers to engage and discover the Lexmark brand and its products by featuring compelling video content in mobile and desktop shopping results.

The customer experience

As mentioned earlier, Labelium worked with Lexmark to optimize the content and customer experience for both product detail pages and Lexmark’s Store. As Apostle explains, “If a brand’s detail pages aren’t optimized from the start, you cannot accurately measure your advertising performance because there are so many variables impacting conversion rate.”

For Lexmark’s Store, Labelium also featured sub-pages to group Lexmark products by function, including colour/black and white and single-function versus multi-function printers.

Exceeding full-funnel goals

Initially, Lexmark challenged Labelium with a return on ad spend (ROAS) goal of 3x for 2020. Its final 2020 ROAS delivered 122% against goal for 6.7X.

Working full funnel – from ads to product detail page to Store content – Labelium delivered a successful advertising strategy that resulted in a 4x increase in maximum segment size (MSS), representing a significant number of new-to-brand customers.

Apostle credits the success of the campaigns to a transparent “true collaboration”: “Lexmark is transparent with their business objectives, KPIs and most importantly, remains open to new ideas, features and products. This trust and forward-thinking approach allow us to leverage our expertise to truly drive their business not only today, but many years to come.”

Mike Dattilo, Director of Marketing Operations at Lexmark, concurs: “We knew that there was a lot more to Amazon Ads than we had internal expertise to be able to execute. Collaborating with Labelium allowed us to leverage global expertise and history in marketing practices and get a jump on our participation in the space.”