Case study

JS Advertising needed help managing their growing client roster. That’s where ADFERENCE came in.

Laptop showing the ADFERENCE dashboard

It takes two

Scaling a business isn’t always easy. From resource constraints to ensuring the high performance of many advertising campaigns at once, help is sometimes needed to manage it all. Often, companies will turn to Amazon Ads partners for assistance in delivering brand and company goals.

JS Advertising is an agency specializing in supporting brands selling in the Amazon store through their advertising expertise. The agency focuses on helping their clients gain increased visibility across the Amazon store and on long-term solutions for brand growth. As the agency’s client roster expanded, the team experienced resource limitations, especially when it came to manually updating and optimizing campaigns for their clients. The team recognized that in order to scale their business and serve their clients, they needed to find a technology solution that enables scalable, automated campaign updates and reporting metrics.

In January 2021, after vetting different Amazon Ads partners over the course of a few months, JS Advertising chose to work with ADFERENCE, based on ADFERENCE’s technology solution, specifically the tool provider’s bidding algorithm built with the Amazon Ads API. ADFERENCE was able to offer JS Advertising a wealth of experience – including the optimization of around seven million bids daily for over 1,000 different customers.

Technology to the rescue

The focus of the partnership is to help JS Advertising confidently support their growing list of clients and reduce the manual effort of their team, especially for tasks like creating new campaigns, setting bid ranges and optimizing sponsored ads campaigns. As the relationship began between the companies, ADFERENCE got to work – auditing existing campaign setup processes, creating a Smart Portfolio structure from the tool provider, amending parameters for key performance metrics (like advertising cost of sales, or ACOS), and setting up automated actions for keyword and ASIN targeting. ADFERENCE also provides dedicated support to JS Advertising through a customer success manager who reviews strategies, goals and implementation on an ongoing basis.

ADFERENCE built their technology through their integration with the Amazon Ads API, which allows the company to receive and share sponsored ads campaign changes, and obtain performance metrics from which they can build a user-friendly performance dashboard. Clients like JS Advertising can use ADFERENCE’s tool to create new campaigns, update existing campaigns, set campaign budgets and bid targets, add keywords and more.

The best of both worlds: Improved performance and operational efficiencies

For JS Advertising, using the tool helped serve clients of all types – regardless of brand size or global advertising reach. The tool has saved the company 15 hours per week that can be put to use on more strategic tasks and onboarding new clients, and makes the team feel more secure during weekends and holidays when staff isn’t working.1 Most impressively, JS Advertising observed 20% lower ACOS for their clients compared to manually managing bidding strategies.2 Thanks to the ADFERENCE tool, JS Advertising can better support more clients in their advertising endeavours.

“We’ve seen how much agencies can benefit from understanding their clients’ needs and choosing the best matching campaign strategies. Using technology tools, like what we offer at ADFERENCE, gives agencies the chance to increase sales, significantly lower their clients’ ACOS and save valuable time.”

– Dr. Florian Nottorf, co-founder and co-CEO of ADFERENCE

JS Advertising recommends starting on your own before seeking a partner to support your business so you have a full picture of where a partner can serve best:

“I recommend every advertiser – or anyone selling in the Amazon store – to start by understanding their own business and the solutions they need before turning to an Amazon Ads partner. Only when you have your own experience will it be possible to understand all the ways a partner can help your business, and where you can do it on your own.”

– Johannes Stoffers, co-founder and managing director, JS Advertising

Partners help agencies and brands navigate a number of solutions for different business problems. Amazon offers the Amazon Ads partner directory to find and filter from a list of vetted companies serving advertising needs.

1 Source: Agency-provided data, Worldwide, 2022