Intertwine Interactive increases sales with Marin Bidding


Intertwine Interactive is a digital marketing company based in Omaha. Intertwine offers a comprehensive list of internet marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, comparison shopping, affiliate management, Amazon account management and re-targeting. The Intertwine Interactive team has experience working with the marketing departments of business of all sizes, from start-ups to large companies.

Marin Software provides enterprise marketing software for advertisers and agencies to integrate, align and amplify their digital advertising spend across the web and mobile devices. Marin Software offers a unified SaaS (software as a service) ad management platform for search, social and e-commerce advertising. Marin helps digital marketers convert precise audiences, improve financial performance and make better decisions. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices worldwide, Marin Software’s technology powers marketing campaigns around the globe.

quoteUpMarin’s solution made it easier for us to make changes quickly and efficiently with a robust algorithmic approach to great effect. We can now trust Marin with the management of our campaigns, which allows us to focus on further expansion in a profitable channel on behalf of our customer.quoteDown
– Jake Renter, Director of PPC, Intertwine Interactive

The challenge

Intertwine’s client has been an early adopter of internet marketing since the 1990s and continues to do so in an increasingly dynamic e-commerce environment. To stay in the lead, it enlisted the support of Intertwine Interactive to manage its paid search efforts.

The client began selling on Amazon in 2016 and started advertising on Amazon toward the end of 2017. After a period of testing, Intertwine decided to increase its investment in summer 2018 and launch a multi-tiered approach on Amazon Ads. This included Sponsored Brands to compete for valuable top of search placement for key brand terms, as well as both automatic and manually targeted Sponsored Products campaigns to deliver ads to shoppers on a per-product basis. These Sponsored Product campaigns included a roster of product-specific keywords which, for manual targeting, required granular bid optimization per keyword.

The solution

Intertwine connected its Amazon Ads campaigns to Marin in order to leverage Marin’s best-in-class reporting suite and patented bid algorithm to drive results for its client. The team set up automated bidding for its Sponsored Products campaigns to collectively bid programmatically to hit its ACOS (advertising cost of sales) and volume targets.

The results

Marin bidding quickly provided the growth the team was looking for. Since activating, overall Amazon Ads investment has grown 236% compared to previous levels without Marin bidding. The team saw a 75% increase in average weekly conversion volume and has continued to scale and build on the early successes by expanding the program. Corresponding sales attributed to advertising increased 191% alongside the weekly conversion volume growth.


  • 75% improvement in average weekly conversion volume
  • 191% increase in sales attributed to advertising
  • Increased investment in Amazon Ads 2X