Case study

iChannelSolution helps a menswear seller achieve a 3X increase in ad-attributed sales during peak season

iChannelSolution, an Amazon Ads advanced partner, has been providing clients digital advertising tools and solutions for multinational sellers via Amazon Ads for over seven years. A menswear seller approached iChannelSolution to help them optimize growth for their peak-season advertising campaign. The menswear seller wanted to maximize their budget and optimize for advertising efficiency.

Getting ready for peak season

Before the peak-season promotion in October 2021, the menswear seller segmented their offerings into core products and other items. For core products, the brand had a goal to increase their menswear product sales 2X to 3X during peak season.

iChannelSolution recommended that their client use sponsored ads (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display) to help drive awareness and increase traffic.

iChannelSolution also recommended that the menswear seller use Amazon audiences with Sponsored Display as a brand expansion strategy to engaged audiences with an interest in clothing. They then combined a product targeting strategy with a Sponsored Display campaign. Lastly, they used Sponsored Brands to place both their brand keywords and product category keywords with broad match, to help drive awareness in shopping results.

After formulating the advertising strategy, iChannelSolution also provided a table of daily ad optimization logic for the seller:

Key issueAd productOptimization objectMatch typeData tracking windowTrigger conditionsAutomatic optimization
High Spend
No conversion
Sponsored ProductsTargetingExact>7 daysClicks ≥ 30
Orders = 0
High Spend
No conversion
Sponsored BrandsTargetingExact>14 daysAd spend ≥ $60
Orders = 0
High conversion
Sponsored ProductsSearch termBroad/Phrase>7 daysClicks ≥ 5
Conversions ≥20%
Impressions > 1000
Add these keywords to new campaign.
Set match type as close match.
Low conversion
Sponsored ProductsDaily budget/>7 daysClicks > 20
Conversions < 5%
ACOS > 80%
Reduce budget

The range of metrics for different ad types may vary according to the attribution period of the ad product. For example, for Sponsored Products, iChannelSolution recommends that sellers refer to advertising insights from the last seven days; while for Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display, they suggest that sellers refer to advertising insights from the last 14 days for diagnosis and optimization.

Helping sellers achieve automatic ad optimization

During the peak season, iChannelSolution advises launching 15 or more campaigns to promote one product. To reduce the workload, the menswear seller used the ad intelligence diagnosis function of iChannelSolution to increase efficiency. The iChannelSolution tool filtered and analyzed metrics for different structures of the Amazon Ads campaigns, including ad groups, placements and audiences. The system also detected low-performing ads through analyzing metrics such as high advertising cost of sales (ACOS) and optimized budget to better-performing ads.

Customizing optimization rules to meet more needs

The menswear seller also used another feature of iChannelSolution: ad intelligence optimization, which supports custom rules. During the peak season, the brand used this feature to implement exclusive rules and conditions for their ads, including rules for exposure, click-through rate, conversion rate and average cost per click, which allowed the existing optimization rule template to apply to their ads.

Analyzing the final results

The marketing strategy and advertising solutions of iChannelSolution contributed to ad-attributed orders for this menswear seller increasing by 50% during the peak season compared to the previous time period. In addition, the brand observed a 3X increase in ad-attributed sales, the advertising conversion rate rise from 9.6% to 13.6%, and ACOS optimize from 21.3% to 13.6%.1

1 Source: iChannelSolution, CN, 2023