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Tinuiti helped grow Poppi’s new-to-brand orders by 16X using Amazon Marketing Cloud

Poppi beverages

Poppi, a US-based beverage brand, specializes in prebiotic soda infused with apple cider vinegar. Their core product was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2020. Since 2021, Poppi has worked with Amazon Ads by first focusing on sponsored ads solutions to help bring awareness to their products. With support from their agency partner Tinuiti, Poppi started to leverage a suite of Amazon Ads media including Streaming TV and online video ads to deepen customer engagement, as well as various planning and measurement solutions to inform campaign decisions. To help Poppi measure aggregated media impact, optimize budget allocation, and reach new audiences while maintaining target conversion rate, Tinuiti looked to Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) for insights.

Specifically, Tinuiti conducted an AMC audience insights analysis to further their understanding of high-value audience profiles, as well as a media mix analysis to understand how Amazon Ads media impacted performance across brand consideration, conversion, new-to-brand acquisition and customer loyalty. Given Poppi has a major retail presence both in the Amazon store and at Whole Foods Market (online and physical stores), Tinuiti also performed omnichannel analysis to understand how Amazon media helped connect traffic to these retail outlets and drive sales.

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The insights we’ve been able to glean would not have been possible without Amazon Marketing Cloud. The ability to measure the impact of digital media investment both in Amazon and Whole Foods Market stores is extremely powerful and will help guide our ongoing campaign strategy in a more insights-backed way.

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– Pat Petriello, director of Amazon strategy, Tinuiti

Using AMC, Tinuiti found that the combination of Streaming TV ads, online video ads, display ads and Sponsored Products drove the highest detail page view rate than any other media combination, indicating the benefits of diversifying their media mix. They also learned that Amazon DSP media along with lower-funnel-focused Sponsored Products drove the highest conversion rate, which implies that brand-building objectives can be best achieved by deploying a full-funnel approach than launching separate campaigns with singular campaign goals.

Inspired by these insights, Tinuiti helped Poppi to fine-tune their media mix strategy and budget allocation. In less than six months, the brand observed 16X increase in new-to-brand customers, with 34% of ad-attributed sales in Q1 2022 coming from these new-to-brand buyers.1 Apart from bringing in new customers, the new strategy helped cultivate brand loyalty, with a 54% increase in the Subscribe & Save count.2 In addition, by dialing up awareness campaigns and adjusting media investments across funnel stages, Poppi achieved a 12X increase in the number of conversions at Whole Foods Market month over month.3

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AMC provides rich signals that help Poppi see a longer string of attribution across a complex multi-touch across media. We love seeing a more complete picture of what ultimately drives customer acquisition, and Tinuiti has been an incredible partner in not only understanding all AMC capabilities but putting the insights coming from AMC into action.

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– Graham Goeppert, VP of digital commerce and media, Poppi

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1–3 Tinuiti-provided data, Poppi and Amazon Ads campaigns, 2022