Gala increases its customer base

When Gala, a 30-year old brand of home cleaning equipment, wanted to expand their customer base online, they chose sponsored ads to do so.

New customer acquisitions made simple, with sponsored ads

With sponsored ads, the brand was able to target relevant shoppers by creating keyword-targeted ads for their products. Their ads were displayed to shoppers looking to buy cleaning equipment such as brooms, mops etc.

“Thanks to [sponsored ads], our ads are shown to people who are interested in them. Keyword-targeted ads have empowered us by helping us increase the visibility of our products and acquire many new customers,” says Sanket Mokashi, Senior Key Account Manager at Gala. “We now understand our customers and their buying behaviour in a much better manner.”

Helped upgrade shoppers from popular products to higher-value products

With e-commerce being one of the most convenient and preferred mediums for brands and shoppers, Gala has been focusing on establishing its foothold across the online medium. Use of Product Display Ads* enabled them to upsell and cross-sell their premium mops by placing their ads on related product detail pages belonging to various prominent brands.

“With [Product Display Ads], we are able to upgrade shoppers considering regular and economical products to our premium product ranges, such as the spin mop, more easily. We believe this has been possible through our ads, which showcased our products in the best light and enjoyed higher visibility through their strategic placements”, says Mokashi.

Helped grow our business in a cost-effective manner

Gala has been advertising using sponsored ads for six months now, and they have been able to track their ad performance closely. Gala got access to all the details they needed, from the number of times their ad was seen and clicked to the sales generated through the ads.

“We are very happy that we are able to see real-time reports. [Sponsored ads] gave us complete control and flexibility to tweak our campaigns, resulting in an ROI (return on investment) of 60x”, says Thakker. Gala has actively advertised in ongoing festive events, such as the super value days, during which they have witnessed substantial boosts in sales units.

*Product Display Ads audience and product-targeting features are now accessed within Sponsored Display.


With Amazon Ads, Gala saw a surge in product views and sales.

  • Ads were viewed 700K times
  • The brand had an ROI (return on investment) of 60x
  • 10K products were added to cart due to sponsored ads

What they said

“[Sponsored ads] is so simple to understand and easy to use that we are able to create our banner ads using the ad builder feature – and it took just minutes. It is an integral part of our digital marketing strategy that has helped us receive maximum traction online.”

Himanshu Thakker, Senior Key Account Manager, Gala