Case study

How the FINE Tissues sponsorship with Prime Day reached new audiences in the UAE

Fine baby

Fine Hygienic Holding is a global company that specializes in hygiene and wellness products. The brand produces a wide range of personal care, household and industrial items, including facial tissues, toilet paper, baby diapers and feminine care and adult incontinence products. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), FINE, which is the company’s tissue brand, has emerged as a prominent player in both the tissue and baby categories, boasting exceptional market segment and brand awareness.

In 2022, the household consumer-goods industry in the UAE was experiencing a significant period of growth, due to population expansion, urbanization and high levels of consumption.1 In addition, online retail has become a vital component of the industry, with the e-retail sector in the region experiencing rapid growth in recent years 2 . It was projected that the value of e-commerce transactions in the UAE would reach approximately 27 billion USD by 2022, an average increase of 23% per year between 2018 and 2022.3

This trend has been further accelerated by COVID-19 and the governments have responded to the shifts to online retail by easing the process of obtaining retail licenses. Consequently, numerous companies invested heavily in developing their online sales channels to cater to this demand.4

To take advantage of the rapidly growing online shopping industry for household consumer goods in the UAE 5 , Fine Hygienic Holding has consistently collaborated with Amazon Ads. The company has participated in a range of notable holiday events, including Ramadan, back-to-school, Prime Day, 11:11 and White Friday. A well-considered benefits assessment informed their investment in the Prime Day 2022 sponsorship package associated with this premier event.

Having recognized the high volume of traffic generated during Prime Day 6 , FINE aimed to leverage the event in 2022 to increase their brand visibility and reach. They also wanted to expand their customer base by reaching new audiences who may not have previously been familiar with their brand.

Prime Day's importance for brands

In addition to Prime Day dates, there are opportunities before and after for advertisers, as well. Our research indicates that brands that advertised throughout all phases of Prime Day were able to increase awareness by 216% and consideration by 214%, compared to brands that did not advertise in any phase of Prime Day.7

Research also found that 75% of shoppers are inclined to purchase a product during Prime Day that they learned about in the lead-up phase 8 . As such, it is essential to consider how to raise brand awareness and effectively promote brands. Moreover, 40% of surveyed shoppers prioritize purchasing products that align with their values, in addition to seeking deals, while 63% of surveyed prioritize product quality as the most significant factor that influences their purchase decisions, outside of deals 9 . Therefore, brands can benefit from these opportunities to not only highlight brand deals but also showcase how the brand can provide value to consumers.

Insights from Amazon Ads also showed that around Prime Day, there is a rise in new customers entering the household consumer-goods category on Amazon 10 . This presented an opportunity for FINE to reach new-to-brand customers.

FINE’s Prime Day strategy

FINE aimed to differentiate themselves from their peers by investing in a sponsorship. The brand’s approach for their campaign centred around the theme of “Save on FINE”. By offering discounts and promotions on their products, FINE appealed to shoppers’ desire to find value and save money.

The campaign execution was developed in three phases during the Prime Day period, utilizing a combination of Amazon DSP statics and responsive e-commerce creatives (REC) to achieve FINE’s objectives and drive marketing effectiveness.

The lead-in phase focused on reaching a broad range of customers on Amazon, including household consumer-goods customers as well as look-alike audiences from adjacent categories such as Beauty, Laundry and Grocery. The objective of the lead-in phase was to reach all potential category customers and Prime customers to increase awareness for FINE while shopping during the Prime Day event.

The event phase of the campaign occurred over the course of Prime Day on 23 and 24 July in 2022. During this period, FINE leveraged static display banners and responsive creative units with savings-oriented headlines to transform awareness into conversion and increase sales during the peak shopping period.

Finally, the lead-out phase of the campaign was activated from between 25 July and 13 August using REC, Amazon Ads highest-performing lower-funnel ad placements. This phase remarketed to existing FINE customers as well as customers who had demonstrated interest in FINE products but had not yet converted.

Save on FINE

Highlights of a successful campaign

The Prime Day sponsorship campaign proved to be one of FINE’s most successful campaigns in 2022. They were able to drive sales and engage with customers during this important shopping event by advertising across all three phases. Here are some notable results from the campaign.

  • FINE acquired 4,848 new-to-brand customers within the campaign period.
  • View rate surpassed category benchmarks by 504%.
  • Purchase rate exceeded category benchmarks by 442%.
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS) outperformed category benchmarks by 53%.

*Results in this case study are based off a single advertiser’s use of the mentioned Amazon Ads product from July to August 2022, and are not indicative of future performance.