Bridgestone promotes India’s Olympics campaign with Amazon Ads

Headquartered in Tokyo, Bridgestone Corporation works to supply a wide range of innovative, high-performing tire and diversified products to more than 150 nations and territories around the world. Bridgestone wanted to ensure the hard work of Indian Olympians gets acknowledged and hence aimed at calling out to Indian cricket fans to cheer for the Indian athletes at the Tokyo Olympics.

Engaging sports enthusiasts with Alexa and display ads

Bridgestone, WatConsult, and Amazon teams partnered to engage with sports enthusiasts among Amazon audiences through “Khel Quiz”, an Alexa voice skill-based quiz to drive engagement on select keywords. Audiences could launch the Alexa quiz through the skill invocation phrases in English and Hindi like “Alexa, open Khel quiz” or “Alexa, play Khel quiz”, etc., on their Alexa-enabled devices. To spread awareness on the quiz, the skill invocation phrases were promoted through Amazon DSP display ad campaigns on and other sites and apps.

“At Bridgestone, we have always explored innovative ways to engage well with relevant audiences. By working with the Amazon and Alexa teams, we developed a voice-enabled Olympics-based quiz that helped us effectively reach millions of cricket fans in India. Our campaign helped fans be aware of and acknowledge the Indian athletes competing in the Olympics by interacting and showing their support for them. As a result, we have seen not only a considerable impact in terms of engagement in a shorter period of time but also a positive brand lift.”

– Ankur Malhotra, Chief General Manager, Consumer and Commercial Marketing, Bridgestone India

The display ad campaign featuring the skill invocation phrases achieved a reach of 20 million impressions. A total of 176K+ skill engagements and 50K+ quiz completions were observed for the quiz.

“Amazon Alexa and DSP teams helped us in bringing to life our campaign ‘Chase Your Dream’ around standing in support of our athletes who strive to chase their dreams in the Tokyo Olympics. Using Amazon DSP, we reached relevant audience segments and redirected them to participate in Bridgestone Olympics Alexa Quiz. This helped in building on the core objective of engagement leading to higher brand recall against regular impact properties.”

– Shanu Jain, Vice President, WATConsult

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