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Find out how Bombay Shaving Company leveraged Fire TV to help engage audiences

Men and women holding personal care and grooming products

Bombay Shaving Company is a fast-growing personal care and grooming solutions brand. Their portfolio includes superfood-enriched products for shaving, hair care, skin care and beard care. The company needed content for brand building during seasonal events, such as Father’s Day, and high-impact assets for video advertising. The brand’s intended audience for the campaign were young adults between 18 and 30 years old. These young adults (i) frequently stream online content,1 (ii) progressively shop online more,2 and (iii) are early technology adopters.3 Therefore, the brand decided to develop an Amazon Fire TV campaign for tent-pole events.

Leveraging video inventory on Fire TV

Bombay Shaving Company worked with Amazon Ads and identified Fire TV as the optimal solution for their needs. Fire TV devices offer audiences streaming options from a wide selection of movies, TV shows, popular apps and channels, live TV, Alexa skills and more, for a theatre-like experience at home. Brands in India, with an average household size of about three people, are able to reach 3X viewers.4

Over a period of four months from June to October 2021, the brand ran three one-day campaigns as 25% share-of-voice buys for the in-line display banner on Fire TV. The first two campaigns were run on the weekends near Father’s Day and Raksha Bandhan, a Hindu festival that celebrates siblings, while the third campaign was to relaunch their women’s grooming brand.

quoteUpWe have done three of our focus campaigns with Fire TV for Father’s Day, Raksha Bandhan and our new brand launch for women’s hair removal. All of these campaigns have helped us reach a wide and relevant audience. Our creatives also had a healthy click-through rate of 0.4%.quoteDown
– Deepak Gupta, COO, Bombay Shaving Company

Optimizing campaigns with experimentation

The brand experimented to better understand the right day of the week to reach out to their audiences. The brand ran all of their campaigns on Saturdays and were able to increase the reach of the campaign by ~40%. Additionally, the video completion rates of the campaigns increased from 7% to 10%, an increase of 42%.5

For the third campaign, the brand experimented by placing a carousel ad format on the Fire TV landing page to showcase their portfolio of products. This helped increase dwell time by 17% to 17.5 seconds.6

To allow customers to complete their shopping journey, the brand connected audiences to the relevant product detail pages in the Amazon store. For the seasonal events of Father’s Day and Raksha Bandhan, the link-in campaigns connected audiences to premium customized gift kits for men’s shaving in the Amazon store. The link-out campaign for the relaunch of their women’s grooming brand linked those who scanned a QR code to a custom landing page.

Achieving great results with learnings from experimentation

Over the first two campaigns, the brand was able to achieve click-through rates of 0.28% and 0.29%, respectively.7 The third campaign achieved a click-through rate of 0.58%,8 which was more than 65% higher9 than the maximum click-through rate in the consumables category. The brand was able to reach relevant audiences at an optimal cost on Fire TV that was 42% lower than the cost per reach for other streaming services.

quoteUpRelevant audiences, driving reach at optimal cost, and the support of the Amazon Ads team – from giving critical feedback on creatives to making it work – helped make our campaign successful.quoteDown
– Shivangi Arora, Sr. Manager (Digital), Bombay Shaving Company

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